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Duration (approx) 1500 hours
Qualification Associate Diploma

Learn about Farming Livestock.

Farming animals today requires more than just hard work.

It is critical to learn to be smart about what you choose to farm, how and where you farm it, and about how you manage the marketing.

Modern livestock farmers need to be skilled managers with an understanding of science and technology - and this course can be your pathway to move in that direction.



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Learn to be a better Livestock Manager.

Jobs and Careers in Livestock Management require highly trained and knowledgeable staff.

Improve your job and career prospects - start a course in livestock management today.

Study the Associate Diploma In Livestock Management and learn to be a better Livestock Manager.

  • Gain an understanding of the science and technology behind modern livestock management.
  • Learn to choose how, what and where to farm.
  • Learn to manage the marketing of your business.


Course Duration: 1,500 hours.

Start Date: Start at any time - study at a pace that suits you, and with full tutor support for the duration of your studies.

Study 11 Core Modules and then choose 4 Elective Modules.

The Core Modules are listed, below. Please click on the module titles for further information on each.

Animal Husbandry I (Animal Anatomy and Physiology) BAG101
Animal Husbandry II (Animal Health) BAG201
Animal Husbandry III (Feed and Nutrition) BAG202
Pasture Management BAG212
Animal Behaviour BAG203
Genetics BSC207
Animal Breeding BAG301
Farm Management BAG104
Agricultural Marketing BAG304
Research Project I BGN102

Industry Project or Workshop I (for further details, see below).

Students are to select 4 Electives any of the following:

Aquaculture BAG211
Beef Cattle BAG206
Dairy Cattle BAG205
Calf Rearing BAG207
Goat Husbandry BAG223
Horse Care I BAG102
Horse Care II BAG204
Horse Care III BAG302
Organic Farming BAG305
Sheep BAG210
Pigs BAG209
Poultry BAG208


The Associate Diploma In Livestock Management is studied by distance learning, so you can study in the comfort of your own home. But this doesn't mean you are all alone in your studies.  Our highly qualified and friendly tutors are there to help you every step of the way.  If you have any questions at all, they are always happy to help.

Each lesson includes set tasks, and is completed with an assignment which the student submits to their course tutor.  The tutor will mark the assignment and return this to the student with comments and suggestions for further reading.


The Associate Diploma requires approximately 1,500 hours of study. It is made up of fourteen 100 hour modules (including a Research Project) and 100 hours of industry experience/work experience.

To pass the course –

  1. Pass all assignments on the 100 hour modules. There will be an assignment at the end of each lesson to submit to your tutor for marking and feedback.
  2. Pass 13 examinations – one on each module (the Research Project does not feature an examination). These are usually taken at the end of the module and can be arranged at a time and location to suit you.
  3. Complete Research Project I.
  4. Complete a Workplace Project.  The project should last around 100 hours.  There are four options available to you to satisfy this requirement.  Don’t worry if you are not sure at this stage, your tutor will be there to help you every step of the way. This include evidence of work experience or other studies or workshops, a research project or completion of Workshop I.


  • Quality - Our courses are written and taught by experienced professionals, so you know you can expect a high quality of teaching and support.
  • Relevance - Our courses are frequently reviewed to ensure that they remain up to date and relevant to today's world.
  • Flexibility - Study at your own pace. Online access means you can study when and where you want to, fitting your studies around your own busy lifestyle.
  • Support - We provide full tutor support for all the time you are studying.


The course is suitable for -

  • farmers
  • farm staff
  • agricultural consultants
  • livestock consultants
  • people involved in transporting and caring for livestock
  • veterinarians and veterinary staff
  • rescue workers

The course is suitable for -

  • the complete beginner, wanting to take an advanced course to develop a thorough knowledge of livestock management
  • experienced staff who want to improve and update their existing knowledge of livestock management or expand into a new area of agriculture

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Meet some of our academics

Kara WightKara Wight - Animal Scientist, Photographer and Business woman. BSc (Applied Bioscience and Zoology), HND (Animal Care), HND (Photography & Imaging) Kara gained an HND in Animal Care and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Applied Bioscience and Zoology. She has a wide range of experience working with animals such dogs, small pets, birds, zoo animals, British wildlife and reptiles. Kara gained this experience working within animal parks, canine rescue centres and a wildlife hospital. She also managed an animal care training facility for a college. At this training facility she instructed and lectured students within Animal Care and Veterinary Nursing from National Certificate level to Higher National Diploma levels. Kara also gained an HND in Photography and Imaging and has 5 years’ experience within this sector. She ran a small portraiture and wedding photography business and also exhibited work in art exhibitions. Kara gained more experience photographing sporting and festival events. Kara currently runs a pet care and training business in the UK and also has entry to undertake her MSc in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law this academic year.
Alison Pearce (animal)B.Sc.(Hons) in Animal Science. Masters Degree in Ecotourism. P.G.Cert. Ed. (Science). Alison's first job was in 1982 as a stockwoman, working with pigs in Yorkshire. Within a few years she of that she was working for the University of Western Australia as a Research Technician and instructor with their school of Agricultural Science.In 1989 she moved to Melbourne University as Unit Manager and Instructor in Animal Husbandry. By the mid 1990's she moved back to England to work in Animal Care and Veterinary Nursing at Cambridgeshire College of Agriculture. Throughout her career, Alison has developed and delivered courses in veterinary nursing and animal sciences for vocational colleges and universities in Australia, New Zealand and Australia. She has built a high level of expertise and an outstanding international reputation as an expert in animal sciences.
Dr. Gareth PearceGraduated from the University of Nottingham in 1982 with a B.Sc.(Hons) in Animal Science. Between 82 and 85 worked as Research Assistant and Demonstator in Animal Science at the University of Leeds. Over more than 30 years he has furthered his studies, obtaining eight significant university qualifications including degrees in Veterinary Science, Wildlife Conservation and Animal Behaviour. Gareth has significant teaching experience around the world as a faculty member at eight different universities including Associate Professor at Murdoch University and Director of Studies in Veterinary Science at Cambridge University. He has over 100 prestigious research papers published, and enjoys an outstanding international reputation in the fields of animal and veterinary science.
Marius Erasmus Subsequent to completing a BSc (Agric) degree in animal science, Marius completed an honours degree in wildlife management, and a masters degree in production animal physiology. Following the Masters degree, he has worked for 9 years in the UK, and South Africa in wildlife management, dairy, beef and poultry farming.

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