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Careers in Event Management

Event Management is basically the management of an occasion that happens at a given time. Management of an event can be a complex and involved task; depending, of course, on the type and size of the event. Although extremely large events such as the Olympic Games require many years of preparation to succeed, the planning and preparation phase of any event will always require at least 60 – 80% of the total time involved in staging the event.The same principals will apply no matter how small or large the event being planned.  

Events have become a way of life in today’s society they are used to recognise special occasions whether public or private. Most societies throughout the world use organised events as a form of expression, whether it is for public grief, private celebration, as a show of strength or solidarity, to welcome others and so on. As such, organised events can reflect a society’s position in the world or demonstrate public opinion.Public response to incidents that occur in their own country or internationally may also instigate an organised event i.e. fund raising for a natural disaster.

Today in modern society organised events are also used to help create business image, launch products, and to celebrate milestones and change.

Events can be profound and moving i.e. inauguration of a country’s new leader, as a mark of respect after disaster for loss of life through earthquakes, flood, war or other dramatic occurrence. They can be intimate and private i.e. a wedding, or a large public celebration i.e. federation, a coronation, independence etc.


Events whether large or small present an opportunity for a well organised
Event Manager to take a leading role.

Event Management

Event management involves organizing the supply of equipment, materials and services well ahead of time.This the event to be promoted. It gives people the opportunity to attend by planning their lives around the event.A visually pleasing pamphlet or leaflet to promote the event will go a long way to encourage people to attend. 

A well managed event needs to meet all the needs of its patrons and encourages attendance, well in advance of the event.

Private clients using event managers to plan and implement their event will often also have pre-set ideas on how it should be run or have very high expectations. They pay the Event Manager to ensure that all their ideas will work and the event lives up to their expectations. They may also expect the organiser to come up with a range of innovative and interesting ideas. This requires skills beyond those of an organisational and management nature.

An example may be a birthday party for a very wealthy client; the client may expect the Event Manager to show an extraordinary depth of imagination i.e. in the decorations used, the layout of the room, the menu planning and so on. The wealthy client may want the ‘party to beat all parties’. Second best may not be good enough. It is wise for the event manager, irrelevant of the size and nature of the event, to use the approach: “That’ll do” won’t do!

Developing an excellent reputation is the best way to ensure ongoing work.

Are You Suited to Becoming an Event Manager?

Event managers need to have a firm understanding of the event planned and the reasons for holding it: the What, Where, Why and Who?

  • What type of event is to be held and what is the budget?
  • Where is it to be held?
  • Why is the event being held?
  • Who is the event being held for, who are the supporters, and who is to be involved?

If you already have experience and/or training in business or management, you may not need any more than a short professional development course to kick off a career in Event Management.

For most people though, a more substantial course of training will greatly enhance their chances of achieving a successful career.

The following courses provide a series of options that would may provide a start for a career in this industry. Click on course for details

Event Management -Professional Development Course

Associate Diploma in Event Management

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