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Who Writes Courses


 ....How are our Courses Developed?

Many people make the false assumption that we operate like most universities or colleges, assigning just one person to write courses in a particular discipline.  This is not the way we operate though.

All courses are written by a team!
People who are involved need to be on the same wavelength -and that sometimes poses a problem. I've found that it takes a fair bit of time to get someone to the point of being able to work with us as part of a course development team. They usually start out as a tutor; then move onto course counselling ... after perhaps 6 months, they then have an understanding of how we approach things.

When we start developing a course, there are always at least 3 people involved (a coordinator...possibly myself or someone in this office; an external academic specialist in that discipline from Australia, and another academic from the UK). Sometimes there are more. We focus first on getting lesson structure and lesson aims set down and approved by those 3 or more people. After that, we move on to set tasks and assignments.... again with more than one person being involved. After that we extract material from our data base (over twenty million words...books, articles, courses etc) which we own, that may be relevant.  We then assign different lessons to different academics to work on....instructing them to leave gaps where they encounter things that would be better handled by another staff member. The whole course grows organically like this until we have a first draft. This is then worked over by an academic in Australia, and another in the UK.

After that we launch the course...but we continue to seek feedback from students, staff and affiliates, and assign the course for reviews and sometimes expansion of notes, as we go along.

After a few years, there may have been twelve different horticulture experts who have contributed to an horticulture course (for example).

This development process is unique, and I believe, a real strength with our school.

You can see the current academic staff at:  (But remember, over the years, others who no longer work for us worked on courses. Over 300 different academics have contributed to course development in the past).

Our staff have over the years written a large range of book and ebooks, many of which are are available through our school's online book store.
To visit the book store and browse some of these titles, click on any of the books below:

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