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Duration (approx) 600 hours
Qualification Certificate

Study Home Renovation for projects or for your own business.

  • Learn techniques and practices in a wide selection of skill areas - gardening, landscaping, carpentry, masonry and much more.
  • Select subject areas to fulfil your project or personal business goals.
  • Learn practical skills by distance learning.

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Study Home Renovation for projects or for your own business.

  • Understand the practical application of building and carpentry techniques.
  • Learn to renovate - restore buildings and gardens to their natural beauty.
  • Learn about making the most of available spaces.
  • Understand the principles of healthy buildings - buildings that promote good health by design and application.

New courses are being developed all the time at ACS, so if you find another suitable course that you would like to include in the Electives selection here, please check the option and availability with out tutors.

Course Structure and Module Content

The Certificate In Home Renovation is a 600-hour course comprising your choice of modules from the following Electives. Please follow the links in the titles for further details and refer lower down this page for lesson listings for each.

Building Renovation BSS104
A 10 lesson module in which students will learn to evaluate, prioritise and plan renovation works on a building or part of a building. The lessons cover individual aspects of a renovation project from different elements of a building or room to the materials and processes used. Areas covered include roofs, floors, doors and windows, with lessons including plastering, carpentry, plumbing, and electrics. This is a useful module for those wishing to broaden their work skills, or for those looking to undertake work themselves.

Home Garden Expert AHT101
There are 8 lessons in this very extensive module. The course covers comprehensive lessons which will allow the student to learn about every aspect of home gardening. Students will learn about soils – their structure, and composition – how to propagate, how to design garden areas, the laying and maintenance of lawns, and much more. The module includes lessons focussing on container and indoor plants, as well the growing of vegetables and fruit trees. The lessons feature plenty of illustrations, and as with all of our courses, specialist tutor support is available for the duration of studies.

Landscaping I BHT109
This 10 lesson module covers all of the essential areas of landscaping. Students will learn about concepts of garden design and how to properly plan and create garden landscapes. You will learn about how to create designs that suit the area – the climate, the land, and the setting that you have to work with. A step by step approach will provide students with an understanding of plants, soils, timbers, climate, and other landscape materials are pivotal to the success of a good landscape design.

Horticulture I BHT101
This 13 lesson module provides students with an all-round introduction to Horticulture. Students will gain a solid grounding in the principals and good practices of horticulture, whilst also developing practical skills which will enable them to apply what they have learned. The module covers core areas of the subject including plant identification, planting, soil types and soil nutrition, plant nutrition, water management, pest and diseases, landscaping, and maintenance.

Cottage Garden Design BHT110
This 8 lesson module provides a solid introduction to the principles of cottage gardens. The module looks at the history of cottage gardens and how they have evolved to the styles and designs seen today. Students will learn about how to design a cottage garden and what types of plants to use, and where they can be planted to best effect. The module includes a lesson looking at non-plant elements of cottage garden design, such furniture and ornaments. The module concludes with students looking at the task of designing a complete cottage garden.

Natural Garden Design BHT215
This 8 lesson module is concerned with developing the students understanding for the planning and design of a garden making use of the natural environment. Students will look at the design elements of natural gardens and develop a familiarity with the concepts used in order to produce specific styles of garden. You learn about the different types of plant used in natural gardens and how and where they should be used within a design. There is plenty of opportunity to apply your learnings within the module with tasks that include the compilation of compatible plant selections, the design of feature elements, such as water features, and producing a detailed plan for a natural garden. 

Carpentry BSS100
Carpentry is a 10 lesson module which serves as a solid foundation to carpentry techniques. Students will learn the practical skills of working with wood in such applications as building construction, furniture making, and landscaping. As well as covering techniques, the module looks at all important elements such as selection of tools, methods for joining, finishing, and planning a project.

Mud Brick Construction ASS103
This 10 lesson module looks at the processes involved with constructing buildings with alternative materials such as mud bricks. Students will learn about the different materials that may be used and how they are made. The module considers all of the important elements of the building process, from planning and building regulations, through the selection of materials, to site management and the provision of services (water, electricity etc.).

Brick And Stonework BSS101
Brick And Stonework is a 9 lesson module concerned with teaching students about the construction and repair of masonry structures, with materials such as brick, stone, and concrete. The module looks at the different types of material used for different constructions and the use of mortar and cement with these. Students will also learn about how to maintain and repair damaged structures. A lesson is also included with the module which looks at the building of fireplaces, fire pits, barbecues and so on.

Healthy Buildings I (Healthy Buildings Construction) BSS200
This module looks at the impact of building construction on human physiological and physical health. Through 10 lessons, students will learn about building biology, building diseases, the impact of services, light, colour, ventilation and much more.

Healthy Buildings II (Building Environment & Health) BSS300
The Healthy Buildings II module builds on the knowledge gained in the previous module and also looks at additional areas such as the impact of the location upon health and surroundings to a building. As well as considering the materials used in buildings and, in particular, materials or finishes used, the module looks at additional elements such as the management of interior environments and consulting services that can be offered to clients.

Landscape Construction BHT111
This is a 10 lesson module through which students will learn how to construct or build a landscape in the correct or appropriate manner. The module includes the planning, and selection of tools and materials, as well as notable factors such as drainage, irrigation, and plant elements. The module concludes with a lesson on suitable workplace safety and management considerations.

Green Walls And Roofs BHT256
Green Walls And Roofs is a 9 lesson module looking at the exciting approaches of introducing greenery into residential, commercial, or public landscapes where space may be at a premium or to improve the aesthetic of environments. Students will learn about the construction of vertical and roof gardens, the materials to use and which plants are most suited to these applications. The module includes a lesson on maintaining these – how plants may be provided with water and the appropriate nutrients, as well as the control of pests or diseases.

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  • Study for projects or for business purposes.
  • Study at your own pace - with unlimited tutor support.
  • Study when and where you want to - with online and eLearning options.
  • Study with ACS - benefit from high quality courses, written and taught by experienced specialists.

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Lesson listings for the Elective Modules

Building Renovation BSS104
There are 10 lessons in this module.

  1. Introduction to Building Renovation Projects
  2. Core Structural and Site Works.
  3. Replacing/Repairing Roofs and Floors   
  4. Doors, Windows and Walls
  5. Plastering
  6. Carpentry Renovation  
  7. Painting 
  8. Plumbing Basics
  9. Electrical Basics
  10. Renovating a Room  

Home Garden Expert AHT101
There are 8 lessons in this module.

  1. Basic Plant Identification and Culture
  2. Soils and Nutrition
  3. Pests and Weeds
  4. Landscaping
  5. Propagation
  6. Lawns
  7. Indoor Gardening
  8. The Kitchen Garden

Landscaping I BHT109
There are 10 lessons in this module.

  1. Basic Design Procedure A                
  2. History of Gardening
  3. Draughting and Contracting       
  4. Basic Landscape Construction
  5. Surfacings
  6. Furnishings and Features
  7. Park Design A
  8. Home Garden design
  9. Basic Design Procedure B
  10. Park Design B

Horticulture I BHT101
There are 13 lessons in this module.

  1. Plant Identification
  2. Planting
  3. Recognising Plant Families and Identifying Plants
  4. Soils
  5. Plant Nutrition
  6. Water Management
  7. Garden Maintenance and Weeds
  8. Pests and Diseases
  9. Pruning
  10. Landscaping
  11. Propagation
  12. Lawns
  13. Arboriculture

Cottage Garden Design BHT110
There are 8 lessons in this module.

  1. Introduction
  2. Designing a Cottage Garden
  3. History of Cottage Gardens
  4. Plants for Cottage Gardens
  5. Planting Design in Cottage Gardens
  6. Features and Components of Cottage Gardens today
  7. Cottage Gardens Today
  8. Designing a Complete Cottage Garden.

Natural Garden Design BHT215
There are 8 lessons in this module.

  1. Introduction to Natural Gardens
  2. History of Natural Gardens
  3. Developing Concept Plans
  4. Plants for Natural Gardens
  5. Planting Design in Natural Gardens
  6. Natural Garden Features
  7. Natural Gardens Today
  8. Bringing It All Together

Carpentry BSS100
There are 10 lessons in this module.

  1. Scope and Nature of Carpentry
  2. Carpentry Tools, Equipment, Materials and Safety
  3. Cutting and Joining Timber
  4. Small Carpentry Projects
  5. Outside Construction
  6. Constructing Small Buildings
  7. Understanding House Construction
  8. Handyman Repair Work
  9. Finishing Wood
  10. Planning and Setting Out a Project

Mud Brick Construction ASS103
There are 10 lessons in this module.

  1. Scope of Mud Brick
  2. How to make a mud brick
  3. Planning and Site Works
  4. Legal Considerations
  5. Foundations
  6. Laying Bricks
  7. Doors, Windows and Roofs
  8. Finishes
  9. Services
  10. Other types of Earth Building

Brick And Stonework BSS101
There are 9 lessons in this module.

  1. Scope and Nature of Masonry
  2. Cement and Concrete
  3. Construction Method and Structural Considerations
  4. Working with Brick
  5. Working with Stone
  6. Construction for Fire
  7. Landscape Applications and Hybrid construction
  8. Repair and Miscellaneous Work
  9. Building Applications

Healthy Buildings I (Healthy Buildings Construction) BSS200
There are 10 lessons in this module.

  1. Introduction to Building Biology
  2. Building Materials
  3. Construction
  4. Services
  5. Temperature
  6. The Internal Environment: Ventilation
  7. Light
  8. Acoustics
  9. Ergonomic Considerations
  10. Psychological Considerations

Healthy Buildings II (Building Environment & Health) BSS300
There are 8 lessons in this module.

  1. Environmental Impacts on Buildings
  2. Chemicals
  3. Building Surrounds
  4. Furnishings
  5. Finishes
  6. Pesticides and Alternatives
  7. Managing Interior Environments
  8. Consulting

Landscape Construction BHT111
There are 10 lessons in this module.

  1. Tools and Machinery
  2. Landscape Plans and Setting out a Construction Site
  3. Drainage in Landscape Construction
  4. Earthworks
  5. Surfaces, Paths, Paving and Turf
  6. Construction of Garden Structures I
  7. Construction of Garden Structures II
  8. Irrigation Systems
  9. Establishing Hedges and Other Plants
  10. Workplace Safety and Management of Landscape Construction Work

Green Walls And Roofs BHT256
There are 9 lessons in this module.

  1. Scope and Nature of Roof and Vertical Gardens
  2. Construction Functional and Appropriate Vertical and Roof Gardens
  3. Climbing Plants and Structures for climbing
  4. Plants Suited to Roof and Vertical Gardens
  5. Adaptations for Other Plants in Roof and Vertical Gardens
  6. Container Growing
  7. Maintenance
  8. Applications/Landscaping (Roof Gardens)
  9. Applications/Landscaping (Vertical gardens)

The Certificate In Home Renovation really is a great opportunity to create a course that majors on subject areas that interest you.

Choose What You Study
If you have any questions or need help in choosing the right course for you, please get in touch with one of our specialist tutors - they are more than happy to help you.

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Meet some of our academics

Timothy WalkerB.A.(Botany), RHS.M. Hort., Post.Grad.Dip.Ed. Former Director, Oxford Botanic Gardens.
John MasonMr Mason has worked 45+ years in Writing, Education, Horticulture and Recreation. His experience in both public & private sectors is extensive; particularly across Australia and England.
Jacinda ColeJacinda has expertise in psychology and horticulture. She holds a BSc (hons) in Psychology and a Masters in Psychology (Clinical) and also trained in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the London Centre for Psychotherapy. In horticulture she has a Certificate in Garden Design and ran her own landscaping and garden design business for a number of years. Jacinda also has many years experience in course development and educational writing.
Diana Cole (Horticulturist)Horticulturist, Permaculturist, Landscaper, Environmentalist. Holds a Diploma in Horticulture, degree in geography, permaculture certificate and various other qualifications. Between 1985 and 94, Diana was a task leader with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers. Since 2001 she has been chairperson of the Friends of Mellor Park (with Stockport MDC). From 2005 she has worked exclusively in horticulture as proprietor of her own garden design and consultancy business in and around Derbyshire; and at the same time as part time manager of a small garden centre. Diana has been an enthusiastic and very knowledgeable tutor with ACS since 2008.

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