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Duration (approx) 600 hours
Qualification Certificate

Study Child Development with this Online Course. Enrol at a time to suit you and work through the course supported by our excellent Child Development tutors.

Childhood is a time of rapid growth and change, psychologically and physically. This course will take you through the changes that occur during this process.

Learn about the psychological and physical development of a child, and services that cater to child care and development; at the same time as developing contacts within the children's services sector and exploring opportunities to work in that industry..

This certificate is focused for people wanting to or already are working with children as well as anyone wanting to develop skills for a career in childcare.

The course consists of six x 100 hour modules. 

Study three compulsory modules of Child Psychology, Child Nutrition and Play Leadership. Then choose three modules from a list of electives.

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This Child Development Course is an excellent way to improve your knowledge of children as a way to improve your job prospects and your own childcare knowledge. Study by distance learning in the comfort of your own home, supported by our excellent tutors.

Want to work with Children? Want to understand children more?  Then this is the course for you! The certificate will enable you to increase your knowledge of children and adolescents.

  • A unique course for anyone wanting to learn more about children and how they develop.
  • Gain a qualification in child development to improve your job and promotion prospects.
  • Flexible distance learning studying enables you to study in your own home whilst still working.
  • The course lasts 600 hours. You work at your own pace. You are required to complete six modules.
  • Study three compulsory modules of Child Psychology, Child Nutrition and Play Leadership. Then choose three modules from a list of electives.


The course has three compulsory modules -

Child Psychology

Children's Nutrition

Play Leadership



Then choose three elective modules from the list below -

Playground Design

Children’s Writing BWR104

Developmental Psychology

Developmental Learning and Behavioural Conditions in Adolescents and Children

Child and Adolescent Mental Health


Some children do genuinely have developmental disorders that require some action; but for most children, irregular development is some areas of their life should not be considered abnormal. Every child is different to the rest; with their own strengths and weaknesses. Differences are to be embraced.

There are a number of specific developmental disorders though which are relatively common Specific learning disorders usually involve developmental delays which are not a result of a lack of education or attributable to other mental health disorders.

There is some controversy associated with classifying these specific disorders as mental health disorders since there is often no other psychopathology associated with them. The individual may have a problem with a particular area, e.g. reading, but is otherwise normal. Often, individuals have more than one learning deficit but no other psychopathology.

Specific developmental disorders include the DSM categories of learning disorders, motor skills disorder, and communications disorders. In the ICD these are called disorders of scholastic skills, motor function, and speech and language, respectively.

Improve your knowledge of child development and psychology with this 600 hour course.

This course is a useful certificate providing you with detailed knowledge of children and how they develop. 

Start at a time to suit you and work through the course supported by our excellent tutors.

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Meet some of our academics

Tracey Jones (psychology)B.Sc. (Hons) (Psychology), M.Soc.Sc (social work), DipSW (social work), PGCE (Education), PGD (Learning Disability Studies) Tracey began studying psychology in 1990. She has a wide range of experience within the psychology and social work field, particularly working with people with learning disabilities. She is also qualified as a teacher and now teaches psychology and social work related subjects. She has been a book reviewer for the British Journal of Social Work and has also written many textbooks, blogs, articles and ebooks on psychology, writing, sociology, child development and more. She has had also several short stories published.

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