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Duration (approx) 820 hours
Qualification Foundation Diploma

Pre-Medical Diploma Home Study Course - Distance Learning

Diploma in Pre-Medical Studies jointly delivered by ACS and Warnborough College.

  • An intensive training course designed to provide a foundation for people who wish to either work in medical support or apply for further studies at a university, which may eventually lead to qualifying as a medical doctor.
  • An excellent opportunity for any individual in any part of the world to lay a foundation for a career in medicine, complimentary medicine or a para medical field.

Opportunities do exist for graduates without further training, but this course by itself does not, nor should be seen, as constituting full medical training.

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Prepare to work in Health Sciences or Medicine

This is an extensive foundation course preparing you for lifelong learning about human health, through further studies or work experience. Some graduates will find work in health support, and others in will undertake further studies training to be a practitioner.

So you want to work in Health and perhaps eventually become a Doctor?

This is an excellent opportunity for any individual in any part of the world to follow a career in medicine. Students do not need to come to the UK to take the course - it can be studied from your home. However, once you have graduated with the Diploma you will need to attend full-time medical school.

This course was designed to suit curriculum documentation originally developed by Warnborough College, working with partner medical universities outside of the UK. Warnborough has a history of graduates from this course having been accepted into courses at various universities in the past.


Complete 8 required modules to acquire a solid background for medical studies, preceded by a short introductory course in technical writing.


Candidates are considered on a case-by-case basis. The basic entry requirement is a High School Diploma or equivalent, with good passes in science subjects (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Mathematics).

University graduates, transfer students and mature students with or without any science background are also eligible to apply for a place. In these cases, additional science-based courses may be required (in which case, additional fees may also apply).

Students whose first language is not English must show proof of English proficiency (IELTS 6.5+, TOEFL 650+, or equivalent). Students may begin the program without these scores BUT they will not be allowed to graduate with the Diploma in Pre-Medical Studies until the required score has been obtained.


The modules for the Pre-Medical Diploma are shown below, follow the links in the titles for more detailed information on each one. Each module is 100 hours of course content, and requires 100 hours of additional reading and study. Self-tests, and assignments are compulsory. There is a final examination for each module. Online support is given for all modules.

Modules (5 Credits each):

1. BSC101 Human Biology (Anatomy & Physiology)

This module provides basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

2. BSC109 Medical Terminology

Develops skills to communicate clearly and effectively using medical terminology.

3. BSC103 Biochemistry I (Animals)

Biochemistry is the chemistry of living things. This course concentrates on the chemistry of the animals.

4. BSC110 Cell Biology

An understanding of cell biology is important in many areas of study, for the cell is the building block of all living forms.

5. BSC203 Biochemistry II (Molecules)

Focuses on developing a greater familiarisation with biochemical molecules.

6. BSCIII Physiology

A course designed for health therapists and all those working in health care that want or need to develop a deeper understanding of the human body processes and health maintenance.

7. BSC112 Anatomy II (Human)

This course assumes a basic understanding of anatomy, and is an ideal follow on from Human Anatomy and Physiology BSC101.

8. BSC303 Biochemistry III (Animal Biochemical Processes)

To explain a range of common biochemical processes with an emphasis upon animal and human biochemical processes.


Bonus Course: Introduction to Technical Writing (non-credit)

Students taking this module will develop essential understanding of technical writing including referencing procedures. This is a brief short course which only requires a few hours of study time, and is very useful.


After successfully accumulating 40 credits, and meeting all other requirements, all students will receive a Diploma in Pre-Medical Studies from Warnborough College.


This will depend on the successful completion in each of the 8 modules. The modules are self-paced. Module exemption may be permitted on academic evidence and/or assessment. A fee will be required per module for assessment and granting credit.


Upon successful completion of the Diploma your studies need to be registered and endorsed by our affiliate, Warnborough College. A fee of £100 is paid to cover this registration.

A number of medical schools will accept appropriately qualified graduates from courses such as this into full medical training courses. Our affiliate Warnborough College, maintains relationships with several such schools and can assist graduates who wish to follow that route after graduation.


Complete the enrolment form. In addition, you must email, or otherwise submit hard copy documentation to verify that you meet entry requirements.

Your application will only be considered complete once the fully completed enrolment form, appropriate academic transcripts plus appropriate fees have been received. At this point the enrolment processing will proceed in accordance with our standard policy.


You may register online and begin at any time. However, all official documents must be sent direct to ACS. A student will not be officially registered (Matriculated) for the program until the Enrolment Fee has been paid in full.


* A first-class academic program designed by medical practitioners.

* Entry on a case-by-case basis - all applicants are considered by merit.

* Begin at any time - immediate registration - no loss of time.

* Study from home - no need to take time off from work or relocate to the UK.

* Self-paced online learning with friendly mentor support.

* Affordable.

* Entry to a WHO recognised medical university.

* Opens the door for a career in medicine.

*Module credits that are formally recognised by both ACS Distance Education and Warnborough College. (If you choose to not proceed with a Medical Degree, these credits can be used toward a wide range of other Diploma or Degree options, including Health Science and Natural Therapies).


If you have any questions or want to find out more about the Pre-Medical Diploma course get in touch with us today. Get in touch with our specialist Science and Medical tutors - they will be happy to answer your questions and discuss studying the Pre-Medical Diploma course with ACS.

Courses can be started anytime from anywhere in the world!

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Meet some of our academics

Jade SciasciaBiologist, Business Coordinator, Government Environmental Dept, Secondary School teacher (Biology); Recruitment Consultant, Senior Supervisor in Youth Welfare, Horse Riding Instructor (part-completed) and Boarding Kennel Manager. Jade has a B.Sc.Biol, Dip.Professional Education, Cert IV TESOL, Cert Food Hygiene.
Lyn Quirk M.Ed.,Dip.Med.,Dip.SportsOver 35 years as Health Club Manager, Fitness Professional, Teacher, Coach and Business manager in health, fitness and leisure industries. As business owner and former department head for TAFE, she brings a wealth of skills and experience to her role as a tutor for ACS.M.Prof.Ed.; Adv.Dip.Compl.Med (Naturopathy); Adv.Dip.Sports Therapy
Tracey Jones (writing)Tracey has enjoyed creative writing since she was a child. She has had several short stories published and a novella. She is also a keen writer of children's stories and poetry. She has also written many academic and non-fiction books in the fields of psychology, sociology, child development, writing and marketing.

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