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What's So Great About Horses?

There is so much more to using and enjoying horses than simply riding them. Since horses were used in cities and farms around the world (it was thought there were approximately 25,000 horses living and working in New York City in the late 1800’s), a mostly recreational industry has emerged from horse ownership today. From this, the following businesses and services are common place - riding stables, training facilities, breeding/stud farms, transportation companies and producers, and clothing retailers.

Opportunities in the Equine Industry

Beyond recreation, there are further opportunities within the equine industry, such as:

  • health care,
  • farrier services,
  • grooming services,
  • training services,
  • and alternative medicine practices.

If you are considering a career in the equine industry, you need first of all to consider if you are capable of extending your love of horses into a viable career opportunity. In order to be successful in the equine industry, you will require both the correct aptitude and attitude toward working with horses.

Your aptitude means you will be both physically and mentally capable of committing fully to a role, being competent at it and having an innate ability to do it. Additionally, working with horses is not a job, it is a lifestyle choice. This is where attitude comes in.

The attitude that you have towards you role is vital. You need to develop and maintain the right perspectives for working with horses. You need to learn how to maintain an emotional balance (or detachment from) the horses you work with or your professionalism can become questioned. For example, if a horse is suffering, but you cannot bear to euthanise it, you may have become too emotionally involved with the horse to make the best decision or judgement on its welfare. So your attitude must result from having an understanding and control of your moral and ethical judgements as well as emotions.

Equine Careers

Working with animals of any kind can be a continuously rewarding experience. As someone who chooses this as their field of study or employment they can make a remarkable impact or difference on the lives of those worked with.

Areas of work include:

  • You can choose to prevent suffering and heal sick or injured horses.
  • You can be involved in breeding and rearing.
  • You can train and educate horses for pleasure or competition standard.
  • You can show people how to care for their horses.

Learn More About Horses with ACS

We offer a great range of equine courses, including

Horse Care I  Learn to manage the daily requirements of a horse at grass.

Horse Care II  Develops your skills and knowledge in the management of horses in a wide range of situations, including in stables.

Horse Care III Understand more about managing horses in a variety of situations.

Are you thinking of studying an equine course, but don't know which one to choose? Submit your questions to our specialist Equine tutors - they will be happy to explain the different options and subject areas covered by our courses. Or, you can phone us today on (UK) 01384 442752 or (International) +44 (0) 1384 442752.

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