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Learn about the Business of Agriculture

Farmers today need to do more than just producing grow crops or livestock. Today's farming is a market driven business. Competitors can come from all around the world, and conditions in the market place can change anytime without warning. 

Farmers need to be entrepreneurial, risk managers, financial managers and innovators with a constant awareness of trends and developments in their industry and a preparedness to adapt and change quickly to meet any challenges that arise.

More info & enrolment: Advanced Certificate in Agribusiness VAG059 »


Learn to better Manage Farm Livestock

To be successful in the livestock industry, you need a very broad foundation in the discipline, and a commitment to get in tune and stay tuned to trends in the industry. 
More info & enrolment: Advanced Certificate in Agriculture (Animal Husbandry) VAG053 »


Learn Equine business management skills

A course designed to equip students with a range of necessary management and horse care skills. Students undertake core studies in marketing and business operations combined with three stream units in horse care, plus two elective units of study.

Topics covered include:

Horse psychology & handling, Buying a horse, conformation, the digestive system, principles of feeding and watering, pasture management, grooming, shoeing, exercise and conditioning, stable design and general management. Coupled with a workplace project ensures that this comprehensive qualification is to a standard required in the horse industry.

Accredited by the International Accreditation and Recognition Council - I.A.R.C.


Home Study Alternative Agricultural Diploma

Distance Learning Alternative Agricultural Diploma

The looming food crisis has been created by energy-consuming, broad-acre systems that rely heavily on chemical inputs. These systems need to be urgently dismantled and replaced by healthy, environmentally sustainable, alternative farming systems.

Study this course - Make changes in your farming practices now!

Accredited by the International Accreditation and Recognition Council - I.A.R.C


Distance Learning Animal Husbandry Diploma

Are you interested in a career working with animals?

ACS Student Comment: Yes [the course was a valuable learning experience]. It is providing me with new insights and development beyond my former knowledge of this subject. It also provides me with a proper basic knowledge to pursue my dreams in this career path. - Arnold Taen, Netherlands - Diploma in Animal Management

Suitable for anyone wishing to work in animal production at any level. Improve your career prospects within the animal husbandry industry. Study at your own pace in your own time. Supported by highly experienced tutors.

This course provides training for people wishing to work in animal production at:

  • Technician or management level in positions such as a farm manager
  • Technical representatives
  • Trainers
  • Agricultural Consultants.

Modules available include: Animal Husbandry, Animal Breeding, Animal Behaviour, Aquaculture, Sustainable Agriculture;Organic Farming, Horse Care, Poultry, Pigs, Permaculture, Sheep, Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, and Pasture Management.

This course is internationally accredited through the I.A.R.C.


Learn to market and sell farm produce

Study this course if you want to develop in depth knowledge of agricultural marketing:

  • Improve your own business success or start a new career in this field.
  • Study in your own time at your own pace.
  • Improve your career prospects or business.
  • All tutors are highly experienced and qualified.

The core activity of any farm is producing animals or crops, but if the produce is not marketed at the right time for the right price, the whole financial viability of the farm is at best unstable. This course develops your ability to analyse and manage marketing problems in an agricultural enterprise

More info & enrolment: AGRICULTURAL MARKETING BAG304 »

Learn about commercial crop production.

  • Learn about the biological and physical factors related to crop production, such as crop physiology, plant breeding, pest control, soil science and management, crop rotation and tillage.
  • Study to improve your career prospects for working in agronomy or including  agronomic practices in your existing work.
  • This course is listed on the UNCCD (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification) Capacity Building Marketing Place). 



More info & enrolment: AGRONOMY BAG306 »

Learn to Grow Cereals and Other Grains.

Grains and pulses (legumes) are among the most important food crops to mankind. Both people and animals depend on them for food. In this course, you will:

  • expand your understanding of types of grains and their growing requirements
  • study farm structures and resources required for grain production
  • learn about different production systems.

Grains studied include rice, buckwheat and pseudograins such as quinoa.




More info & enrolment: AGRONOMY II - GRAINS BAG309 »

Learn to grow potatoes, carrots, turnips, and other root crops.

Root crops such as potatoes, yams, and cassava grains are some of the most important food stuffs in global agriculture. They provide vital carbohydrates all over the developing world.

  • Learn important differences and growing practices for many root crops.
  • Learn about soil management, crop scheduling, pest management and much more.

Growing root crops will enable farmers to improve their farm's output and sustainability, aid world food security (for both people and animals) and grow crops that require less water than many others.  


More info & enrolment: AGRONOMY III - ROOT CROPS BAG306 »
Have you ever asked ... Why do my animals do that?
  • Understand why animals behave in a certain way.
  • Learn what determines bad or aggressive behaviour and how to deal with it.
  • Learn about the psychology and science behind animal behaviour.
  • An excellent foundation for people working with animals in any situation: farms, zoos, veterinary practices, pet shops or even in the wild.




More info & enrolment: ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR BAG203 »
Learn more about Animal Breeding, planning animal breeding programs, genetic theory and more with this course from ACS.

Improve your knowledge of annual breeding and planning.

  • All tutors highly experienced and qualified in the field.
  • Learn about cross-breeding and live stock improvement.
  • A must for anyone wanting to learn more about animal breeding.

Plan and implement animal breeding programs using genetic theory, practical applications to daily husbandry practice, and management of animal breeding programs. This course includes a sound introduction to genetics relevant to any type of animal. Personal guidance from highly qualified and experienced animal scientists and practitioners.

Topics covered include: introduction to genetics; selection; pure breeding; introduction to cross breeding; cross breeding and livestock improvement.

"The course is particularly useful to students who are or wish to be involved in agricultural livestock production"

Marius Erasmus - B.Sc. Agriculture, B. Science (Wildlife), M.Sc. Agriculture



More info & enrolment: ANIMAL BREEDING BAG301 »
Understand how Veterinarians identify animal diseases
Improve your treatment of the animals you work with
  • Recognise problems before they become serious.
  • Improve your business and/or career prospects.
  • Taught and written by experts in the field..
Routine disease investigations are based on clinical, pathological and epidemiological evidence. If there is a need for conclusive identification of a disease or condition, an accurate laboratory diagnosis should be obtained. It is particularly important, especially in the case of infectious diseases that the final diagnosis rests on adequate aetiological evidence. In most cases disease investigations are carried out by qualified government stock inspectors and/or veterinarians. (Note: The professionals involved and regulations governing their scope of operation can vary from one country to another.  It is important that you are aware of how far you can legally go with examining animals for health issues, and at what point you need to call in a veterinary professional).
It helps for animal owners to understand and be able to recognise diseases conditions that may affect their animals, so that timely intervention can occur.

More info & enrolment: ANIMAL DISEASES BAG219 »

Learn to Groom All Types of Animals.

  • Animal groomers are in high demand, and this is only likely to increase.
  • Students studying this course will gain a solid foundation of knowledge in animal grooming - for a variety of applications, practical and aesthetic, including cleanliness and health, and showing animals.
  • Animals covered in the course include dogs, cats, cattle, horses, poultry, rabbits, captive wildlife.



More info & enrolment: ANIMAL GROOMING BAG106 »

Follow your Passion
Learn more about Animal Health Care.
  • Suitable for anyone interested in working with animals – from wildlife parks to vet’s practices.
  • Understand animal health care issues and what can be done to improve animal health.
  • Developed and taught by highly experienced tutors.
  • Study in your own time at your own pace.

Learn to care for the health of any type of animal (focus is on mammals and birds) and understand the scope of services offered by animal care services, including in veterinary practices. This course is appropriate for anyone interested in working with animals including on a farm, a wildlife park or a veterinary practice. It is a sound foundation course and designed to cover most of what is found in a typical veterinary assistant's course in many countries around the world.


More info & enrolment: ANIMAL HEALTH CARE VAG100 »

An excellent foundation course in animal physiology and anatomy.

Develop a sound foundation knowledge of animal anatomy and physiology to use as:

  • A basis for understanding the care and management of animals in domesticated or wild situations.
  • A starting point for working with animals in any applied situation (farms, vet reception, zoos, wildlife, parks, animal protection shelters etc.).

The course covers:
cells and tissues, the digestive system, the circulatory system, the urinary system, the nervous system, respiration, reproductive systems, muscles, skeleton, growth, development and more.





An outstanding foundation course for anyone working with (or planning to work with) animals.

Calling all farmers, farmhands, livestock managers... If you see yourself working with animals (especially farm animals) - this course is ideal. Do you have your own animals? Know how to better care for your own animals on a farm, at home or elsewhere.

Improve your understanding of animal health issues and learn the basics of animal health management.

Topics include:

  • Signs and Symptoms of Diseases
  • Classification of Diseases
  • Causes of Disease
  • Inflammation
  • Fever and Immunity
  • Tissue Repair
  • Wounds
  • Cell changes (death, cancers etc)


More info & enrolment: ANIMAL HUSBANDRY II (ANIMAL HEALTH) BAG201 »

Learn all about the feeding of farm animals.

  • Learn about animal feed and nutrition from expert tutors.
  • Learn how to understand the composition of a range of feeds - including pasture, fodder crops, grasses, cereals, seed, and other edible plants.
  • Understand how to evaluate and select feeds. All tutors are highly experienced industry specialists.
  • Study when and where you want to.

The course also explains the role of proteins, vitamins and minerals in animal diets.

  • Be equipped with the skills required to evaluate feeding and select appropriate feeds - for digestibility and nutritional content - applicable to real life farming situations.





Animal Studies - Self Design Certificate
Can't quite find the course you are looking for, then why not consider designing your own course by choosing six 100 hour modules with support from one of our animal tutors?

Learn about the care and management of farm animals in any situation -large or small scale farming, intensive or extensive farm production.

As part of the course, you can even take modules on pets or wildlife; to further diversify your learning.




Aquaculture Course - study the care and breeding of fresh water fish.

  • Learn the essentials of aquaculture.
  • Manage aquaculture enterprise for fresh water fish.
  • Improve your knowledge with this essential course.
  • Improve your job prospects in this field.
  • Develop the capacity to manage freshwater aquaculture enterprises.

Aquaculture is the farming of water animals (eg. Fish, crustaceans) for human consumption. The course covers: water (e.g. source, purity, flow, temperature, dissolved oxygen), stocking rates, spawning, checking stock, stripping, fertilization, hatching, growth stages, feeding, harvesting, stocking and more.

More info & enrolment: AQUACULTURE BAG211 »

Study agricultural crop production by distance learning and improve your crops, your business and your career.


  • A course relevant to all types of crop production - grain crops, fibre and oil crops, fodder, horticultural crops and others.
  • Learn to produce crops for a variety of applications including cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
  • Student support from highly knowledgeable and experienced tutors.



Diploma in Equine Studies Course

Suitable for anyone wanting to work in the equine field.

  • An in depth study of horses.
  • A great way to find work in the field or to improve your existing job prospects.
  • Study in your own time at your own pace.
  • Taught by highly experienced tutors.
  • A foundation qualification for a career at management or technician level in the equine industry.

Employment opportunities: Graduates may find employment opportunities in any horse industry establishment including stables, stud farms, riding schools, veterinary practices, equine supply and service organisations/companies, event management or race courses.

Accredited by International Accreditation and Recognition Council.

Provides advance standing (credits) in higher qualifications (including Advanced Diplomas and Degrees) with Warnborough College (UK & Ireland), Australian Correspondence Schools, and an international network of ACS accredited colleges.


Train to manage farms - become a highly qualified and skilled Farm Manager.

Farming has changed.  Today's farms are businesses, and if you want to be successful at any level in modern agriculture, you need to be a capable manager.

Study the Associate Diploma In Farm Management:-

  • Gain a solid foundation in the technology, management and science that are vital to running a farm.

  • Gain the skills to give you a competitive edge.



Learn about Farming Livestock.

Farming animals today requires more than just hard work.

It is critical to learn to be smart about what you choose to farm, how and where you farm it, and about how you manage the marketing.

Modern livestock farmers need to be skilled managers with an understanding of science and technology - and this course can be your pathway to move in that direction.




A specialised course looking at all aspects of the management and care of beef cattle.

  • Improve your knowledge of the management of beef cattle.
  • Study with highly experienced professionals – our tutors!
  • Earn while you learn - study in your own time at your own pace.
  • Develop your abilities to analyse and make decisions about the management requirements of beef cattle.

The course is a comprehensive introduction covering such things as Cattle Breeds; Beef Cattle Production Systems; Cattle Breeding; Diseases in Beef Cattle; Nutrition for Beef Cattle; Commercial Herd Management; Feed Lot Management; Stud Herd Management; Management, Economics and Marketing.

More info & enrolment: BEEF CATTLE BAG206 »

Study Calf Rearing by Distance Learning - Study calving and culling, calf management, calf health, calf rearing, housing, weaning and post-weaning.

  • Study the rearing and selection of calves.
  • Improve your ability to rear calves.
  • Improve your job prospects with improved knowledge.
  • Learn from industry specialists – our tutors!
  • Study in your own time at your own pace.





More info & enrolment: CALF REARING (BAG207) »
Are you running a farm or do you want to run a farm? Do you want to learn to do this well?

Suitable for people wanting to work in the field of agriculture or those who simply want to improve their general knowledge of agriculture. Study in your own time at your own pace. Learn from our highly qualified and experienced tutors. This course develops your capacity to work confidently on a specialized or mixed farm.

Core units equip you with all the basics needed for understanding:

  • general animal health management 
  • farm management
  • marketing skills

Choose three elective units from a list that includes: soil and pasture management, calf rearing, poultry, beef or dairy cattle etc. An excellent starting point for learning the basics of farming.

This course is internationally accredited through the International Accreditation and Recognition Council (I.A.R.C.) 

More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN AGRICULTURE VAG001 »

Enrol on the Certificate In Agronomy today - study the production and harvesting of different crops with ACS.

  • Study different crops - grains (cereals, pulses, and other grains), and root crops.
  • Learn about different crop production methods.
  • Learn about crop scheduling.
  • Learn about harvesting and post-harvest management.
  • Study the chemistry of soils and water.
  • Understand soil composition and testing methods.
  • Choose Elective Modules to tailor the Certificate to a qualification that suits your own goals.
  • Start studying at any time with expert guidance and support from our specialist tutors.

More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN AGRONOMY VAG052 »

Learn about alternative farming methods for the modern farmer

  • Study alternative farming methods.
  • Improve your knowledge of this innovative farming method.
  • Improve your skills in research and networking.
  • Study in your own time at your own pace.
  • Our tutors are all highly experienced and knowledgeable in the field.

Farming has changed greatly over recent decades, and to survive, the modern farmer needs to increasingly seek alternative approaches, whether in terms of what is produced, or how it is produced. This course develops an innovative approach to farming by broadening awareness of options, and fostering skills to research and network more effectively.


Train for a career in animal health or animal welfare.

  • Improve your job prospects or career in the field.
  • Learn from industry experts – our tutors! 
  • Study in your own time, at your own pace. 

This is a comprehensive and highly practical course; for anyone who wants to better understand the health and wellbeing of animals. It is designed to provide a foundation for employment in any type of animal care job; whether pets, domesticated farm livestock or wildlife (captive or free).

More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN ANIMAL HEALTH VAG015 »


The Certificate in Animal Husbandry is an entry level course suitable for students who wish to gain knowledge related to companion animals and livestock.

 The qualification consists of 600 hours of study divided into core and elective modules of study.

Core studies include the study of animal anatomy and physiology, animal health care, and animal feed and nutrition. Elective units are chosen to direct studies toward the student's area of interest.

Elective units may include Horse Care I, II and III; Animal Breeding; Dairy Cattle; Beef Cattle; Pigs; Calf Rearing; Sheep; Recognising Animal Diseases; and Natural Animal Health Care.


A detailed foundation certificate of studies in equine husbandry.

  • Study the many facets of keeping a horse at grass or in the stabled environment.

  • Core modules ensure students have a firm understanding of the key elements of caring for their horse.

  • Elective modules are chosen to allow students to undertake more in depth studies.




Become an expert in all areas of fish care and culture for agriculture, their use in aquaponics, aquarium management and much more with this certificate qualification in fish care and culture. There are six 100 modules consisting of Marine studies I and II, Marine and Freshwater Aquaculture, Aquaponics and Aquarium Management.

Study fish care and culture in the comfort of your own home, supported by our highly experienced and qualified tutors.


Improve your knowledge of dairy cattle management and planning.

The ACS Dairy Cattle course provides a detailed insight into the care and management of dairy cattle.

  • An excellent course for anyone wanting to work with dairy cattle or to improve their existing knowledge.
  • Improve your job and career prospects.
  • Study in your own time at your own pace.
  • Study with industry experts – our tutors!

More info & enrolment: DAIRY CATTLE BAG205 »
Study the Diploma In Agriculture - gain detailed knowledge to advance in your profession

A Distance Learning Course available for Online study or by eLearning.  The Diploma In Agriculture provides training for people wishing to work in the industry at a technician or management level - in positions such as overseer, property manager, technical and sales representatives, animal care workers, or consultants.

  • Advanced studies in Farming.

  • Gain extensive specialist knowledge - choose areas of study relevant to you.

  • Enrol anytime.

  • Study where and when you want to.

  • Support from experienced and knowledgeable tutors.

More info & enrolment: DIPLOMA IN AGRICULTURE VAG020 »
Learn to manage all types of animals in captivity and under observation.

  • A broad and detailed course, with Core Modules which focus on the study of anatomy, physiology, vertebrate zoology, animal behaviour, feed and nutrition, animal biochemistry, health and diseases, and genetics.  These modules give students a thorough grounding in the biology of animals.
  • A wide choice of Elective Modules enables students to streamline their studies to make them relevant to their own situations and career paths.

More info & enrolment: DIPLOMA IN ANIMAL MANAGEMENT VAG006 »
Learn about Dog Behaviour
  • Understand what motivates a dog to act as it does.
  • When you understand dogs, you will have a basis for training them.
  • A valuable foundation for anyone working with dogs, from breeders and groomers, to kennel attendants, veterinary assistants and dog walkers.


More info & enrolment: DOG PSYCHOLOGY BAG221 »
Equine Behaviour Distance Learning
  • Study the behaviour and mental welfare of horses
  • A specialised course in equine behaviour.
  • An excellent opportunity to develop your knowledge of horses and how they behave.
  • Learn to identify problems in behaviour
  • Improve your career prospects.
  • Study in your own time at your own pace.

Develop your understanding of horse behaviour and your ability to apply that to the welfare and training of the horse. Behaviour is any externally observable activity of an animal. In general, it includes: Movement of parts of the body, stopping expected movement, secretions from the body and changes in body colour. People study equine behaviour to be able to understand and recognise "normal" behaviour and from this be able to identify and do something about .“abnormal”. behaviour; and better manage a horse.

More info & enrolment: EQUINE BEHAVIOUR BAG216 »

Online learning in farm management - The Industry Needs Skilled People Now!

Study a  range of  essential topics related to farm management:

Improve your management knowledge and skills.

Connect with expert agriculture tutors if you choose.

Improve your business and career prospects.

Earn while you learn - study in your own time at your own pace.

The course will teach you how to analyse, diagnose and make decisions related to management of a farm business. The course relates to the management of all resources including, viable production, staffing, physical resources, and natural resources.



More info & enrolment: FARM MANAGEMENT BAG104 »

Study Fish Care with ACS and become a fish care expert.

  • Study to become a fish care consultant.

  • Advise others on caring for their fish, growing fish, studying fish and more.
  • Study to start your own business venture.


Farms Can be Smaller than You Think!

  • Learn about which animals and plants need less space than others (e.g. poultry, pigs, fish, cut flower orchids, tomatoes).
  • Understand the growing methods which can produce more in a smaller space.
  • Learn about ways of farming unused spaces in urban areas (e.g. vertical and roof gardening; indoor production).
  • Study Urban Farming with ACS, add value to what you grow - greatly increase your profits, without increasing the need for additional space.

If you choose appropriate intensive, high value produce and use innovative production with smart marketing, a small urban space can often be turned into a productive farm enterprise.





Learn about goat husbandry and the products they produce, such as milk, wool, meat and more.

  •  A useful introduction to the care of goats.

Domestic goats are one of the most useful animals to have as they are easy to look after and feed. Therefore, they are very good for farming, as pets, or as pack animals (pack goats).

As a domestic farm animal they can be used to produce a variety of products, such as:

  • Dairy (milk, butter, yogurt)
  • Meat
  • Leather
  • Wool (fleece goats)
  • Soaps, body and hair care

Goats can also be very useful for the control of weed or grass overgrowth on a property as well as a great source of manure for the garden.




More info & enrolment: GOAT HUSBANDRY BAG223 »

Study horse breeding by distance learning.

  • Understand why horses are bred and inherited traits.
  • Learn about mare and stallion selection and selective breeding.
  • Understand each stage of the pregnancy, birth and after care of the foal.
  • Learn about caring for a newborn and reducing the health risks.
  • Learn about caring for a pregnant mare - nutrition, exercise, and health needs.
Horses are bred not only to produce more animals; but also to manage the type of animals being produced. Selective breeding for specific uses has formed ‘modern’ horses of four general types including Hot bloods, Warm bloods and Cold bloods and Ponies.

More info & enrolment: HORSE BREEDING BAG307 »
Learn to manage the daily requirements of a horse at grass and horse care.
  • Understand how to handle horses.
  • Learn about the equine industry.
  • Study in your own time and at your own pace
  • Learn from our highly knowledge equine studies tutors.

Use this as your first step toward a certificate/diploma - to improve employment opportunities or to learn more about caring for your own animal




More info & enrolment: HORSE CARE I (BAG102) »
Develop your horse care knowledge further with this second horse care course
  • An in depth horse care course.
  • Improve your knowledge of horse care.
  • Learn to care for horses in a stable and improve your knowledge of bedding systems, stables, mucking out, foot care and shoeing, tack, exercise and fitness and conditioning.
  • Analyse and determine feeding requirements and techniques available, and develop equine stable management programs.



More info & enrolment: HORSE CARE II BAG204 »

An advanced horse care course - study to improve your equine health and welfare knowledge.

  • Learn from our experienced and knowledgeable horse care tutors.
  • Study in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Essential for anyone interested in working with or learning more about horses.

Building on Horse Care I and II -

  • You will learn to better manage the health and condition of horses in different situations
  • Identify signs of poor condition.
  • Understand the things that can stress a horse, and much more.



More info & enrolment: HORSE CARE III BAG302 »



General irrigation design and knowledge
  • Understand irrigation for agricultural applications.
  • Learn about types of systems and equipment needed.
  • Learn how to improve your irrigation systems or develop new ones.


Water is essential to both plant and animal growth and is often the major limitation to productivity. Learn to design and manage simple irrigation systems for agricultural applications. Understand soil characteristics that affect irrigation needs (eg. drainage, water holding capacity), estimating plant needs, irrigation scheduling, types of irrigation systems (sprinkler, drip or trickle, and flood) and equipment (eg. pumps and filters).


More info & enrolment: IRRIGATION (AGRICULTURAL) BAG213 »

Irrigation Management in Agriculture Distance Learning

Learn about large scale irrigation systems.


  • Learn more about irrigation management in an agricultural situation.
  • Study in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Understand large scale irrigation systems.


This course builds on existing skills and knowledge achieved in Irrigation (Agricultural) BAG213 or an equivalent course. The course develops your ability to participate in design and operation of large scale irrigation systems for agricultural applications.

Mariculture - MARINE AQUACULTURE -Distance Education Course

Learn about the marine aquaculture industry

  • Deals with the farming of salt water species of fish, shellfish, seaweed and other marine products
  • Learn to plan and manage the farming of a wide variety of marine life 
  • Self paced study, expert tutors, start anytime, 100 hours of learning to give you a sound foundation in marine aquaculture.

The term “Mariculture” refers to a sub-category of Aquaculture that deals specifically with Marine Aquaculture.

According to the FAO the term “Mariculture” (in its present usage) may be defined as:


“The culture of marine organisms, both plants and animals, in an aquatic medium or environment which may be completely marine (sea), or sea water mixed to various degrees with fresh water. This definition would include both the sea and inland brackish-water areas. These can be freshwater or salt water organisms, or have development phases in both types of waters.”

More info & enrolment: MARINE AQUACULTURE BAG220 »

Learn to treat health problems in animals naturally.

  • Learn about Holistic Treatment or “Holisti as opposed to the specific symptom they may be displaying.
  • Understand how holistic treatment is thought to treat the illness by boosting the immune system and overall health of the animal, which will in turn treat any secondary illnesses.
  • Study animal nutrition - optimal nutrition is the foundation of holistic treatment.  By ensuring an optimal diet, you will provide all of the essential components that an animal needs to boost its immune system and maintain health.





More info & enrolment: NATURAL HEALTH CARE FOR ANIMALS BAG218 »

Organic Farming Course - A fascinating course which encompasses a variety of topics relating to sustainable, chemical free farm production

  • Update your knowledge of organic farming for the modern world.
  • Improve how you run your business.
  • Learn about organic farming to improve your career prospects.
  • Study in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Learn from organic farming experts – our tutors!







More info & enrolment: ORGANIC FARMING BAG305 »

Learn the management and repair of pastures.

  • Learn to improve your pastures in small and large farm enterprises.
  • Improve your business/your career prospects in this area.
  • Taught and written by experts in the field.
  • Study at home and at your own pace.

Pastures are critical to many types of farms. Farmers have been known to turn unprofitable farms into commercial successes by simply improving pasture. Whether dealing with small or large properties, pasture management is an important part of many types of farm enterprises. This course is designed to be useful to those already managing existing pastures and those who wish to establish successful new pastures.


More info & enrolment: PASTURE MANAGEMENT BAG212 »

Learn about pet selection, care and welfare.

Study this 100 hour distance learning course - work with pets or learn more about caring for pets and their welfare.

  • Improve your knowledge of the care of pets.
  • Learn about pet welfare.
  • Understand selection, breeding, routine care, and much more.

Pet Care is an excellent foundation course for anyone who works with animals or wants to, and a great course for people interested in their pets.



More info & enrolment: PET CARE AAG100 »


Develop Pig Management Skills

  • Learn or improve your pig management knowledge.
  • Course for anyone keeping pigs – commercial, smallholding and self-sufficiency.
  • Understand pig management and have confidence in pig farming.

 This excellent course helps develop a broad foundation understanding of pig anatomy, management and production. You will learn breeding and selection, housing, feeding, pig diseases, boar management, managing the sow and litter, fattening pigs, record keeping and more!

More info & enrolment: PIGS BAG209 »

Learn about the care and management of poultry - as a hobby or part of your work

  • Chooks.Learn to manage small and large scale poultry and egg production.
  • Suitable for farmers, people keeping poultry at home and more.
  • Study in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Taught and written by poultry experts.


Learn to manage poultry on a small or large scale, for production of eggs, meat or young birds. This course covers all aspects of poultry care and management including: Terminology, Breeds, Nutrition, Diseases in Poultry, Layers, Broilers, Incubation, Brooding, Record Keeping, Economics & Marketing; and is relevant to free range or other forms of production.

More info & enrolment: POULTRY BAG208 »


Study Irrigation Management in Agriculture to improve the use and effectiveness of irrigation with this specialist course.

  • Learn about optimising water use.
  • Learn to most effectively irrigate - when and how to irrigate.
  • Evaluate and determine different irrigation systems.
  • A detailed specialist course concerned with developing a students knowledge of irrigation systems and practices, with a particular focus on crop irritation.

Agricultural Certificate - Self Design Qualification
  • Can't find the course you want?
  • Design your own qualification from the wide range of modules available.
  • Gain a unique qualification tailor made for you.


Learn sheep care and management


  • Improve your knowledge of sheep care and management.
  • Improve your job prospects working with sheep.
  • Learn from our knowledgeable and experienced agriculture tutors.
  • Specially developed course to improve your knowledge of sheep.

Sheep are an important agricultural livestock that are bred for meat and wool worldwide. Careful and informed management of your flock will ensure increased productivity and efficiency. Aimed at professional and amateur graziers, the course provides you with the knowledge to run your sheep effectively and productively and will help you to develop your ability to independently analyse and make decisions about the management requirements of sheep.

Student Comment

"Although I can do all of the practical work that is required to raise sheep, I am learning a lot more than I didn't already know. All that I knew I learned from my dad. I am enjoying this course and when I finish it, I would like to do another one, perhaps in management". Jonathan - Sheep student
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 Agricultural soil management
  • Understand soil management for profitable farming.

  • Learn about problems that can affect soil and how to deal with them.

  • Essential for anyone working with the soil.

  • Taught and written by experts in the field.


Soil is the foundation for profitable farming. There are many things that can be wrong with soil (e.g. poor nutrition, chemical imbalance, structural problems such as drainage, lack of microbial life etc). Often minor and relatively inexpensive treatments can make a huge difference to productivity, but the problems need to be identified first, and that requires a solid understanding of soil theory and management practice. Learn about soil properties and requirements in agriculture, and how to apply that knowledge at a management level.

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Home Study Sustainable Agriculture Course

  • Understand how to develop your produce using sustainable agriculture.
  • Develop your knowledge of the underlying principles.
  • A must for anyone wanting to develop their farm in an agriculturally sustainable way.
  • Taught by highly qualified and experienced tutors.
  • Study in your time and at your own pace.

Today the pressure is on for more and more farmers to work towards sustainable systems of farming which produce healthy, nutritious, affordable food and a dependable, secure food supply -without producing a negative impact on the environment. Sustainable farms should protect the environment, preserve open spaces, forests and wildlife and also encourage and conserve biodiversity, plus provide the farmer and farm workers with a good living.


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Learn how to identify and control weeds.

  • Understand effective methods of weed control.
  • Learn natural and chemical methods of weed control.
  • Improve your crops and gardens.
  • Study in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Taught by experts.

Learn to identify and effectively control weeds. You will learn about both chemical and non-chemical weed control methods (e.g. mulching, burning, slashing), plus the use of spray equipment and operating safety procedures which should be followed when using chemicals and equipment.




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Study Zoo Keeping

Learn the care and management of animals in zoos

  • Study how animals are cared for in zoos.
  • Find out about how zoos are managed.
  • Learn animal handling and care.
  • Improve your prospects for employment or career advancement.

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