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Why Use Natural Animal Health Care

Why Use Natural Animal Health Care As An Alternative To Medicines And Treatments?

Although veterinary medicines and treatments will be required at some point through your pet’s life, there are alternatives and home remedies which assist with many minor ailments.  A more holistic approach can provide more gentle treatments on both human and animal, and may also save on vet visits.  Each treatment, and dose, will be different for each species, and perhaps individual, and there are many benefits to using natural remedies including:

  • Less drugs and chemicals working through the animals organs.
  • Natural remedies can promote better health.
  • Many have less side effects.
  • Older animals benefit from more natural treatments for minor ailments or parasitic control, as opposed to prescribing medication.
  • Animals which are on continuous veterinary medicines for their health can benefit from using more natural parasitic controls and other treatments.
  • Good for animals which become stressed during travels, or vet visits.
  • Can work out less costly.
  • Many products are already in the household cupboards.
  • Some treatments can be provided to prevent health issues. 

There is an increase of vets and professionals in our modern world, combining both medical and holistic treatments.

The study of natural health care of animals increases knowledge on remedies, and also the use of continuous treatments which can prolong life and prevent health issues arising. 

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