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Food Future on the UK

Agriculture in the United Kingdom has expanded and developed over time with around 70% of land used for farming purposes. The UK is around 76% self-sufficient, using our own agricultural produce, while consumers spend around £112 billion on products which contributes greatly to our economy.

There are certain barriers to entry into the agricultural industry such as distance to training facilities and cost. This not only impacts on the number of adequately trained employees available to the industry but can limit innovation.

In addition to finding and attracting suitable employees and accessing training, there are other issues facing the agriculture sector. These include an ageing workforce, succession planning, market instability and restrictions, climate change, floods, disease, proximity to markets and potential threats to export and trade agreements.

It’s not all bad news though. With new technological advances, changes in consumer trends and new trade prospects, there are opportunities for savvy new entrants and existing farmers. Staying informed and conducting research to identify and capitalise on emerging opportunities is key.

Understanding the industry, keeping your finger on the pulse, being creative and identifying new and relevant opportunities can be difficult when you are busy working and doing all the things it takes to operate your business while making ends meet. Gaining this knowledge may involve upskilling or training to obtain new skills to keep your business profitable and futureproof.

Learn more with ACS

ACS Distance Education offer courses which are ideal for those looking to enter the industry - for people who are already working in the industry and would like to gain a different perspective or diversify within their business, or even for those who are interested in starting their own small self-sufficient farm. Courses are written by ACS academic staff who know the industry. They are designed for the busy person who can’t attend traditional classes with self-paced and flexible learning options allowing the student to select the subjects that best suit their needs.

With topics from crops, livestock and animal management, land management and environmental to business and farm development and management, ACS course offerings include short to long courses.

Take a look at the selection of courses shown at the foot of this page. Find out more by reading the course pages and getting in touch with our specialist Agriculture tutors - they will be happy to help you by outlining different course options, explaining what it is like to study with ACS, and answering any other questions you may have.

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