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Freshwater Aquaculture Fish

Get to know the fish that you can keep in an aquaponics and aquaculture system and some different features with the ACS eBook - Fish for Freshwater Aquaculture and Aquaponics.

Globally, many different freshwater fish species have been successfully farmed, on a small or large scale. Choices are frequently limited though by what is legally able to be farmed, and what is available where you live. Most developed countries do impose restrictions, banning some fish species and requiring licences to farm others.

There are a lot of different terms used to describe growing fish, each with a subtly different connotation. pisciculture, aquaponics, aquaria or aquaculture are all terms used for growing fish in controlled systems.


Aquaculture is an all embracing term, covering fish, crustaceans, shell fish and other species, including seaweed. It is farming fish and other water dwelling plants or animals - in fresh water or salt water to harvest.


Pisciculture is farming fish only (excludes crustaceans, molluscs, seaweed etc.).


Mariculture is aquaculture in saline water.


Aquaponics involves growing land plants such as vegetables and herbs together with fish, all in the same system (usually in tanks) using (nutrient loaded) water circulated from the plants to the fish, and then returned to the plants. It is a hybrid of hydroponics and aquaculture.


Aquarium management or aquaria generally refers to growing plants or animals in water for purposes other than harvesting for food, such as conservation, research, a hobby or decoration.

The eBook comprises the following chapters:

Chapter 1. Introduction to Aquaculture

Chapter 2. Fish Biology Fish Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 3. Trout

Chapter 4. Catfish

Chapter 5. Perches

Chapter 6. Other Fish

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