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Permaculture DC by Distance Learning

Permaculture - A Philosophy and Way of Life

It involves the design of towns, houses, farms and gardens where humans, plants and animals are put together in such a way that they support each other’s growth and development. The towns, houses, gardens or farms can change over time, but remain productive and environmentally sound.  It is a philosophy which encompasses the establishment of environments which are highly productive, stable and harmonious and which provide food, shelter, energy whilst caring for people and the environment, as well as being supportive to social and economic infrastructures.

At ACS Distance Education, we offer three ways in which to achieve the PDC through distance learning.

Pathway 1

Permaculture I
Permaculture II
Permaculture III
and Permaculture IV

Pathway 2

Complete the 100 hour Permaculture System Course.

Pathway 3

Complete the 600 hour Certificate in Horticulture (Permaculture).

All of these courses are studied by distance learning and you can start at any time to suit you.

ACS is a Member of the Permaculture Association (UK), The Institute of Horticulture (UK), and the Alternative Technology Association (Australia).

All our tutors are highly experienced in permaculture and horticulture.

If you have any questions about our courses, study options, or need help in deciding what courses to study, please get in touch with our specialist Permaculture tutors today.


Change Your Life

Learn how Permaculture principles can be applied and developed on your farm, or learn more about living an environmentally friendly way of life.

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