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What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is the integration of hydroponics with aquaculture technologies.

  • Hydroponics is the horticultural process of growing plants in mediums other than soil.
  • Aquaculture is the culture of aquatic organisms (such as fish and crustaceans) for commercial purposes under controlled or partly controlled conditions.

In an aquaponics system the nutrient-rich waste from fish tanks is used to provide plant food to vegetables and herbs grown in hydroponic beds. Chemicals (including nutrients) naturally increase in any water in which fish or other aquatic animals live. Some of these chemicals are the result of excrement from the animals, and others may result from decomposition of dead animal tissue or left over food (such as ammonia). As a result of its nutrient composition, water that is used for aquaculture is a useful source of nutrition for growing plants.

In an ideal aquaponic system, the aquatic animals are fed and grow causing nutrient levels to increase in the water. The nutrient rich water is then transferred to the roots of plants. The plants will extract nutrients, lowering the nutrient levels in the water. The water can then be returned to the aquatic animals and the cycle can start again.

Learn More about Aquaponics

Our Aquaponics course is an intensive 100 hour look at aquaponics.  It is studied by distance learning and can be started at any time. By studying the course you will learn more about the biology of plants and animals, and will learn how to establish an aquaculture system.

The listings at the bottom of this page include a link to our Aquaponics course.

If you would like to find out more, get in touch with us today - our specialist Agriculture tutors can explain more about our courses and help you in choosing a course to suit your aims and development.

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