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Do jobs affect the self esteem of workers?

  • 71.5% of British workers believe their job has a negative impact upon their self esteem, according to a study by CV Library.

The reasons for feeling negative about themselves reported by respondents included – not feeling skilled enough, making silly mistakes, fear of being made redundant, or not getting a promotion.

"As professionals, we always want to perform to the best of our abilities and there can often be incidents in the workplace that make us question our performance and goals," Lee Biggins, the founder of CV-Library said. "However, it is important to remember that we are only human and we cannot predict what may happen through out our careers."

The research also found that looking for a job can also damage our self esteem. 52.8% of respondents said looking for a job made them question their abilities, particularly if they were turned down or ignored by the recruiters.

Developing your skills within your profession, undertaking professional development courses can help improve your skills and reduce any feelings of negativity regarding your skills.

This can also help if you fear, or are at risk of redundancy, as updating your skills and knowledge regularly improves your job and career prospects.

If you would like to undertake some professional development in your existing area, why not get in touch with us?

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