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Do you have leadership potential?

What is a leader? 

Conservative definitions focus on the leader’s authority and ability to get things done – the leader as:

  • Authority - a person with the acknowledged power to direct and control others.
  • Achiever - a person who uses their power to set and achieve goals.
  • Manager - a person who directs others to achieve established goals.
  • Anyone who emerges as a leader and is accepted as such by the group, formally or informally.

A leader is not always the person who has more ability, knowledge or intelligence than others, and in fact, some of the best leaders are not at all exceptional in those areas. On the other hand, many of the most talented, skilled, knowledgeable or intelligent people in a field make poor leaders. Leadership is a separate area to performance, though the two can and sometimes do overlap. 

While the above list identifies some key requirements of leadership, it does not help us decide who has the potential to become a leader; who will be most likely to develop leadership skills through learning and training. 

Leaders can be taught, they are not born.

If you would like to become a leader and improve your leadership skills, why not think about some leadership training?

Leadership skills are critical to getting the most from your staff and achieving improved productivity. Studying our Leadership course could make a big difference to your success in the workplace.

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