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Garden Business Ideas


The following are some suggestions for the basis of a gardening business.  Different options require more or less previous experience and knowledge.

Garden Consultancy

This business will require previous qualification and experience. The tasks involved may cover pest and disease identification and control, garden design advice, fruit and vegetable advice, fung shui, etc. It may be possible to charge more as it would be a professional service. You can provide written reports and advice. This business may link up with other businesses to do landscape construction or other tasks if the consultancy business is not set up for it.


Courtyard Designing

This business would deal specifically with small lot property owners (town houses, courtyards, etc). A high degree of quality would be expected with an eye for detail and perfection. It would be best directed at inner city dwellers.


Hydroponic Landscaping

This business could design and install a garden area which is completely hydroponic.

The client will have a relatively hassle free garden, that can look good and provide fruits, herbs and vegetables for his/her table. Routine maintenance, perhaps once a month might be offered as an optional extra service.


Other Themed Landscaping

Japanese, Malaysian, Santa Fe, Rainforest, Native, etc. are all theme gardens that a business could specialise in designing and constructing.


Topiary or Bonsai Maintenance

This business could provide routine maintenance for bonsai or topiary plants, potting up, feeding, and  pruning or training. Such a service would only succeed in places where there are affluent clients with topiary or bonsai collections.


Holiday Garden Care

This business could offer to take care of peoples gardens when they go on holidays. People who might not normally employ a gardener could be attracted to such a service. It could take time to develop such a service, and the work might become seasonal (e.g. long hours in summer, and short working weeks in winter).


Water Management

This business might specialise in helping a gardener reduce water needs and better manage water in the garden. The service could involve such things as installing irrigation, mulching a garden, installing deep watering pipes for large trees, changing plant varieties, or redesign of gardens for better water conservation.


Plant Finder Service

This business may source out various nurseries for clients who are after specific plant species (usually the rare and unique). Instead of the client running around, you may be hired to do the searching and collecting the plants. Plants may range from a small 140mm pot to 4 metre trees, individually or in mass numbers - the opportunities as a plant finder could be used by other nurseries, councils, landscape companies and home gardeners.

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