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Pregnancy and Nausea

Tips for Dealing with Nausea During Pregnancy

Tips to help with pregnancy nausea

  • Ensure your stomach is never empty – eat lots of small (healthy) snacks through the day
  • Ginger and peppermint can help alleviate nausea in some women. Simple caffeine free teas of ginger or peppermint can be good as they also hydrate. Essential oils may also help.
  • Cold drinks or ice-blocks
  • Flat lemonade can help relieve nausea
  • Try to avoid getting up in the morning on an empty stomach. Get your partner to make you some plain wholegrain toast with a little butter to eat before you get up, or keep a stash of crackers by your bed
  • Stay hydrated, keep a water bottle with you at all times and sip constantly, rather than gulping large amounts of fluid on an empty stomach
  • If you are concerned about nutrients, try flavouring your water with fruit juices or taking dissolvable supplements. Fibre supplements like Metamucil can help if you are not able to keep fibre rich foods down. Smoothies, soups and yoghurts are good liquid sources of nutrition and simple mashed foods (potato, sweet potato, peas, applesauce) can all help you get nutrients
  • Avoid strong aromas, and strongly scented or spiced foods such as fish, garlic and curry
  • Oily foods can make nausea worse for many people
  • Try a "Sea-Band" wristband, which works through acupressure points (available at pharmacies)
  • Take pregnancy supplements if you are vomiting a lot or notice signs of deficiency

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