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Practical Life Coaching Studies

Students often ask how they can obtain practical experience when studying life coaching by distance learning.

Our Life Coaching course provides you with in depth theories of life coaching and how to work with your clients, but it also encourages you to practise life coaching with friends and colleagues to gain useful experience.

Or you may be given case studies to work on and prepare a plan to work with the client.

For example –

Nadia, 40 years old, comes to you as a new client. She is slightly overweight, smokes and drinks alcohol excessively.  Her blood pressure is high. She has attended her doctor who advised her to reconsider her lifestyle choices.  A friend advised her to attend sessions with a life coach, but Nadia has felt reluctant. Write a case study on Nadia, including the following:

  1. Explain to Nadia why you can help her with her health issues.
  2. Prepare a complete plan of how you are going to support Nadia with her health issues.
  3. What physical and mental parameters do you need to take into consideration?  

Life coaching is a growing profession. More and more people are struggling with their day to day lives, their work, their careers, their health and will seek out life coaches to help provide support and guidance for them to change.

If you are interested in becoming a life coach, why not have a look at our courses –

Life Coaching

Certificate in Life Coaching 

Or even mix business and life coaching with our Certificate in Business and Life Coaching 


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