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Ethics is all about understanding the difference between good and bad. On the surface, this might seem like something that is inherent, but different people have different perceptions about what is good or bad, and different reasons for adopting the value system they have. Understanding these differences is an important part of understanding people, and what drives them. Click here to find out more.
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Psychology is defined as the science of behaviour and mental processes (psyche = soul or mind, logos = study of). It is an academic and applied field involving the study of behaviour, mind and thought.  There are many divisions of psychology such as child, sport, abnormal just to name a few.  It also encompasses the application of such knowledge to various realms of human activity, including problems of individuals' daily lives and the treatment of mental illness.



Courses offered include:

Introduction to Psychology
Psychology & Counselling
Industrial Psychology
Child Psychology
Educational Psychology
Marketing Psychology
Life Coaching
Counselling Skills I
Counselling Skills II
Counselling Techniques
Professional Practice in Counselling
Professional Supervision
Stress Management
Conflict Management
Multicultural Awareness
Relationships & Communication Counselling
Crisis Counselling
Grief Counselling
Careers Counselling
Family Counselling
Biopsychology I
Biopsychology II
Psychological Assessment
Social Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Adolescent Psychology
Criminal Psychology
Aged Care Counselling
Certificate in Psychology
Diploma in Psychology & Counselling