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Studying Life Coaching

A Student's view - Why Jill studied Life Coaching and what she would like to do now

Jill Brown is a student with ACS Distance Education, studying Life Coaching. Here Jill tells us a bit more about why she studied the course and what she would like to do now.

“I was a driving instructor for over 20 years, during that time I not only taught people to drive, I helped many people with the emotional side of passing a driving test. Life coaching was unheard of at that time, people came to me to learn to drive for many reasons beyond the desire to drive a car, together we worked on many aspects of their life, I know I didn't fit the normal driving instructor guise, but it was needed and I always had a waiting list, yet never advertised, I loved sharing the joy people felt when they achieved their goal, also they told me how I had an impact on their lives.

My life has had ups and downs the same as everyone, how to deal with this in a positive way has been important to me, one big thing for me to deal with was type 2 diabetes, after a lot of research, diet and exercise I managed to reverse it, I would like to help and support others with the diabetic lifestyle.

I am interested in how we see success, what makes a person feel they need to do to feel complete, energy coaching getting the life balance, supporting encouraging and confidence building is what gives me joy. This is why I studied life coaching so I had structure and a deeper knowledge to be able to really make a difference to people, to empower them to reach their potential and live the life they feel is right for them. I want to do this as a profession. “

Jill is particularly interesting in supporting people with diabetes and good health. If you would like to speak to Jill regarding life coaching, please contact her in the first instance at

Study Life Coaching to help support people in changing and improving their lives. Help people to take a different approach to how they are living and help them to overcome obstacles in their lives. Life coaches support people in a wide range of areas from weight loss and improving diet and lifestyle, to tackling career issues, resolution of personal problems, and helping people to set and achieve life goals.

ACS Distance Education is an organisational member of the Association For Coaching. Students on the course are eligible to join the association as student members.

We offer a selection of courses in Life Coaching suitable for different levels of study, including:
Life coaching
Certificate In Life Coaching
Certificate In Business and Life Coaching
Associate Diploma In Coaching

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