Bachelors Degree in Counselling


Warnborough College and ACS Distance Education (UK) have combined to introduce a Warnborough College Bachelor of Science in Counselling (BSc.Couns) degree. The program has been specially structured so that it meets the academic requirements for those seeking a career in this profession in any part of the world.

This program was developed in association with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). Students on this program are eligible for student membership of the ACA and, upon completion, eligible for full membership of the ACA.


A short introductory, online module on Technical Writing must be completed at the very start of the degree. This module should take only a few hours to complete and is not examinable.

The student will be given access codes within a day of processing their enrolment, in order to immediately commence these initial studies.

Year 1 (40 credit points)

Core (Compulsory) Modules: Course Code
BPS101 Psychology I (4 credit points)
BPS102 Psychology II (4 credit points)
BPS109 Counselling Skills I (4 credit points)
BPS110 Counselling Skills II (4 credit points)

Workplace (Compulsory) Projects:
BGN104 Industry Meetings (4 credit points)
BGN102 Research Project I (4 credit points)

Optional (Elective) Modules:
BPS104 Child Psychology (4 credit points)
BPS106 Sports Psychology I (4 credit points)
BBS201 Project Management (4 credit points)
BRE101 Human Health & Fitness I (4 credit points)
BRE102 Human Nutrition I (4 credit points)
BRE105 Aromatherapy I (4 credit points)

Year 2 (40 credit points)

Core (Compulsory) Modules: Course Code
BPS206 Counselling Techniques (4 credit points)
BPS207 Professional Practice in Counselling (4 credit points)
BPS208 Relationships Counselling (4 credit points)
BPS205 Social Psychology I (4 credit points)

Workplace (Compulsory) Projects:
BGN201 Research Project II (4 credit points)
BGN103 Workshop I (4 credit points)

Optional (Elective) Modules:
BPS103 Industrial Psychology (4 credit points)
BPS108 Biopsychology l (4 credit points)
BPS111 Stress Management I (4 credit points)
BPS107 Marketing Psychology (4 credit points)
BPS202 Careers Counselling (4 credit points)
BPS210 Developmental Psychology (4 credit points)
BPS211 Adolescent Psychology (4 credit points)

Year 3 (40 credit points)

Core (Compulsory) Modules: Course Code
BSC303 Statistics (4 credit points)
BPS301 Professional Supervision (4 credit points)
BPS304 Crisis Counselling (4 credit points)
BPS303 Multi-Cultural Awareness (4 credit points)

Workplace (Compulsory) Projects:
BGN202 Research Project III (4 credit points)
BGN203 Workshop 2 (4 credit points)

Optional (Elective) Modules:
Select an additional four (4) modules from the following options.
(Note: Upon approval, electives from other years may be accepted here)
BWR301 Technical Writing (4 credit points)
BPS204 Biopsychology ll (4 credit points)
BPS302 Psychopharmacology (4 credit points)
BPS209 Grief and Bereavement Counselling (4 credit points)
BPS305 Life Coaching (4 credit points)
BPS307 Abnormal Psychology (4 points)


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