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Biophilic Gardening

The positive health benefits of gardening are well understood. The environmental benefits of organic gardening are clear to see. The pleasure derived from a beautiful garden or landscape is instant. Despite the fact that gardening and horticulture are clearly good for everyone, the experience can also be less than positive! Some of us have strained our backs by digging with poor technique. The excessive use of pesticides has contributed to a decline in pollinators world-wide. We have all seen herbaceous borders or bedding that looks more like a migraine than a Monet.

The positive aspects of horticulture are nearly always considered alone and in isolation. We all know that we should be using water carefully because it is precious stuff. Harvesting rainwater makes economic sense as well as ecological sense. The sight and sound of running water is a mesmeric and calming experience. Green roofs and green walls, are a way of extending the green space without having to buy more land. Good proportions and careful use of colour in garden design can enhance and promote emotional well-being. For many people horticulture is therapy, that carries them on their journey to long-term recovery from depression and anxiety. Biophilic landscaping brings together all of the positive aspects of horticulture. It is a synthesis of gardening, design, psychology, and ecology.

The heart of any garden or landscape is the planting, but no heart beats on its own for long without a body. Hard landscaping provides the scaffolding and skeleton that supports the living components. Furthermore, no garden survives for long without resources. Edith Wharton did suggest that “money is the best manure”, but the long-term sustainability of landscapes requires more than just money. Sustainability cannot be retro-fitted into a landscape. It needs to be there right from the start.

Biophilic gardening is an inclusive philosophy of gardening for every size of garden from a tiny back yard to a baronial landscape. It is a school of horticulture that loves life. It physically, emotionally, and spiritually satisfying.

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Create positive garden areas with sustainable approaches. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with one of our specialist Horticulture tutors - they have a passion which they will be pleased to share with you.

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