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Root Vegetables

Root vegetables from potatoes to taro and yams, are one of the most important food crops in many parts of the world. The ACS eBook - Root Vegetables may surprise you as it explores not only the root vegetables you are probably familiar with, but also ones you might not have even encountered before.

Root Vegetables is a valuable and unique reference for anyone with an interest in vegetable growing, from the commercial grower and serious horticulture student to the home gardener seeking to try things in their home vegetable garden that they had not previously tried.

The eBook comprises the following chapters:

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Potatoes

Chapter 3. Carrots and Related Root Vegetables

Chapter 4. Turnips and Relatives

Chapter 5. Beets

Chapter 6. Other Root Vegetables

Not only are our eBooks great reading, they are ideal supplementary reading for students studying our courses, or looking to refresh their knowledge.

In addition to a wide selection of eBooks, we have a number of different courses concerned with vegetable growing, including Home Vegetable Growing, Crops I (Outdoor Plant Production), and Commercial Vegetable Production.


Are you interested in growing root vegetables? Do you have any questions about studying with ACS, or deciding on a course to choose to suit your aims? Connect with our expert tutors today - they will be pleased to answer your questions.

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