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Adventure Tourism India

India is such a diverse country. It embraces this diversity as passionately as few other countries on earth could do. It boasts a population of one billion people and the Cities are crowded metropolises. The plains are flat and featureless and the country boasts vast climatic conditions (the heat builds up to breaking point in the south and the north experiences cold blizzards and snow). India has a three season year - the hot, the wet, and the cool.

India is a place to expect the unexpected. You can never be fully prepared, as surprises are around every corner. That is, perhaps, what makes travelling in India so frustratingly draining but so inspirational at the same time. People generally experience a love or hate relationship with India – hating it for its frustrating organisation and ‘in your face’ attitude, and loving it for the same reasons. Everyone has different expectations and everyone has a different idea of ‘adventure’ in such a subcontinent. I came back vowing never to return but after a few months I actually missed the place and the glorious culture and colours of its people and places.

India is such a large country, with a fluctuating climate and very rich culture. In the north is the mighty Himalayan mountain chain. This is an intriguing Tibetan influenced region including Ladakh and the mountainous areas of Himachal Pradesh, Garwhal, and the Darjeeling and Sikkim regions. Further south is the flat Ganges plain, crossing east from colourful Punjab, through Delhi (the Capital City), Agra (where the Taj Mahal resides), Varanasi to the northern part of Bengal with Kolkata (Calcutta). South of this northern plain the Deccan plateau rises. Here you find cities that mirror the rise and fall of the Hindu and Muslim Kingdoms and the modern metropolis that the British built in Mumbai (Bombay). Finally, the steamy south, which is just as extraordinarily diverse as India’s north. This includes Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and parts of Andhra Pradesh.

Adventure tourism in India is not geared up for the extreme sports of Iceland and New Zealand. It has a different focus - simply travelling through India is an adventure, with its intense and demanding energy. One may wish to cruise along the backwaters and forests of Kerala in the south, sun themselves and party on the beaches of Goa, follow the spiritual path of the Buddhists from Mc Leod Gange and Dharamsala in the north to Varanasi and Bodhgaya in Bihar, explore some of the countries spectacular national parks such as Corbett Tiger Reserve (Uttaranchal), Ranthambore (Rajastan), Great Himalayan National Park (Himachal Pradesh), or the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (Tamil Nadu), take some hiking trips through the mountains and villages, or take part in some the exciting festivals and activities all over the country. There is so much to do and so much to explore.

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