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Business Tourism

What is Business Tourism

This might appear to be a contradiction in terms. However, the business world is a lucrative market requiring the services of efficient and flexible travel organisers, and often includes elements of natural and cultural tourism. Business tourism includes all travel arrangements such as airline and accommodation packages for business personnel to such events as conferences, exhibitions, and training and development seminars. Business tourism may also be one business visiting colleagues or clients in another region, state, or country. Often meals, sightseeing, and car hire are included in the packaging.

Very often, business people travelling for business or professional development purposes will allow time to take in some natural and cultural sites, and visits to such tourist destinations can be part of the host business’ or business person’s public relations strategy.

In some cultures, being hospitable and taking time to know business guests or potential colleagues is important for paving the way for more collaborative business dealings or upcoming negotiations. Showing visitors around can express goodwill and allow time to establish relationships. For instance, a city council seeking to contract with a government from another country to provide administrative and infrastructural training and advice might greatly improve their standing by taking visiting officials on several one-day jaunts for pleasure (and perhaps, to showcase their city and their successes).

They might visit a local dam, take a picnic at a council park, spend a day at a nearby theme park, or even arrange a morning of hot-air ballooning with a local ballooning club.

Why do we become tourists?

Some reasons are offered below:

·         To get away from our usual routine and environment

·         To be alone

·         For rest and relaxation

·         To experience life from a different perspective

·         To show ourselves and others that we can afford to travel

·         To show ourselves and others that we are sophisticated, and know something of the world beyond our home towns

·         To mix with people we do not normally mix with

·         To 'let go' and feel free to behave as we would not at home

·         To experience and learn about other cultures, societies, and lifestyles

·         To achieve something, as a goal

·         To see places or things we have read or heard about and that interest us

·         From necessity (e.g. business tourism).

What determines where a tourist goes?

Three main factors have been identified:

·         Confidence about one’s ability to function effectively in a different cultural setting

·         Ability to do and experience something totally different

·         Finances – what we can afford or are able to pay for travel, accommodation etc.

Read a book, do a course, join an organisation; talk to people, observe the world.
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