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Work in Event Management with this distance learning course. 

  • Gain skills, knowledge and experiences within the field of event management and related disciplines.
  • Study event management, project management, business studies, marketing foundations, leisure tourism and much more.
  • Be prepared for a professional career in this field, and to develop a capacity to manage a wide range of different events, small or large.






A sound foundation for a career in hospitality or tourism, either managing your own small business or in middle management in a larger organisation.
This course is designed with a global focus, to provide broad based skills, and a capacity to adapt to change in what is a dynamic and rapidly changing industry.




Do you have an outgoing personality?  Are you enthusiastic, committed and flexible?  Bar service can offer you the opportunity to work anywhere in the world.

This course provides general knowledge for anyone who wants to work behind a bar or as a drinks waiter. In this course  you will develop a broad understanding of the industry. 

Through this you will:
  • become familiar with alcoholic drinks such as wine, spirits, beers and cocktails
  • learn how to make non-alcoholic drinks including cappuccinos, chai lattes and other speciality teas
  • learn how to provide quality service to bar customers
  • mix a range of cocktails and other drinks and 
  • learn the fundamentals of wine appreciation.

More info & enrolment: BAR SERVICE VTR204 »

Learn how to set up and manage a Guesthouse or B And B with this Bed And Breakfast Management course.

The Bed And Breakfast Management course covers:
  • facilities
  • decor
  • equipment
  • customer service
  • supplying meals
  • financial management
  • marketing and much more.

Enrol NOW to learn more about bed and breakfast management.


More info & enrolment: BED & BREAKFAST MANAGEMENT BTR203 »


Want to Work as an Event Manager?

Event Managers are both self employed small business operators, and employees of larger organisations such as: 

  • wedding venues,
  • hotels,
  • resorts,
  • exhibition companies,
  • concert promoters and conference organisers.

Event management can be both a challenging and stimulating industry if you have the personality, knowledge and perseverance to succeed. Like most industries, there are pitfalls that you need to be aware of, and careful to avoid; but with a course such as this, you will be laying a very sound foundation for future success.  

This flexible and unique qualification enables you to study both wedding planning and event management. This offers you the opportunity to gain more potential clients by being able to organise weddings AND events, such as parties, festivals, concerts, publicity events and so on.



Train for a Career Hotels, Resorts, Events, Restaurants or Catering  

Hospitality is a major employer, through enterprises ranging from hotels, resorts and guest houses to restaurants and catering businesses.

This course is a great starting point for building skills, knowledge and opportunity; both for those who already work in hospitality or food service, and those who hope to forge a career or start a business.


More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN HOSPITALITY VTR013 »


Tourism is a huge employer worldwide and in many countries it is the largest employer. In short, this is a significant industry that employs large numbers of people. Despite this fact; many of those who work in tourism, are relatively low paid.
If you aspire to a well paid and secure job in tourism; you either need to think about self employment (starting your own tourism business), or developing skills that will enable you to rise to a position of responsibility in a larger organisation such as a hotel, resort or theme park.

This course provides the skills and knowledge needed to build a career, following either of these pathways.

More info & enrolment: CERTIFICATE IN TOURISM VTR009 »

Do you want to organise and manage events as a career?

Event management is the ideal career for people who enjoy socialising, having fun and are great organisers. 

  • Develop your knowledge and skills in the planning and management of special events, including concerts, festivals, exhibitions and sporting events.
  • Includes: Scope and Nature of Special Events; Originating and Developing a Concept; Budgeting; Event Co-ordination and Post Event Evaluation.




More info & enrolment: EVENT MANAGEMENT - BRE209 »

Are you already working in hospitality? Expand on an exceptional career!

Start work in food and dining management. Study nutrition, food preparation, customer service and catering processes and more. 

Study online with ACS Distance Education - Learn and Work in the Food Service Industry

  • Working in the food and beverage industry requires a range of skills - this course is essential for working in a restaurant, catering or other food service enterprise.
  • Topics covered vary from kitchen and food management to planning a menu, restaurant staffing and waiter/waitress skills.

Today, in the UK there are almost 2000 Food and Beverage Management or Assistant Management jobs advertised! The hospitality industry is the 4th largest employment industry in the UK. What are you waiting for! 


More info & enrolment: FOOD AND BEVERAGE MANAGEMENT BTR102 »

Learn how to prepare and cook food.

Understand the principles for selecting, cleaning, cutting, preserving, flavouring, mixing, cooking ....and everything else involved in preparing food for consumption.

Become a better cook at home, socially, or for work

This course complements studies in Food and Beverage Management, Event Management and Self Sufficiency -it all depends upon why you need to learn food preparation. Some may wish to become more self sufficient, others may wish to work in a restaurant, catering services, culinary supplies (eg. a kitchen shop) or hospitality services.

More info & enrolment: FOOD PREPARATION - BRE212 »

Developing new food products is a complex process: it spans a variety of areas, including scientific research, marketing and design, and policy. This course will benefit:

  • people considering a new product, from a corporate or farm-fresh perspective
  • those wanting to improve their knowledge of where food comes from, and how it is made, to make better wellness decisions
  • people working at the cross-section of hospitality and food

More info & enrolment: FOOD PROCESSING AND TECHNOLOGY - BSS301 »

Want to work in Hotel Management?

This course aims to help you take the next step up in your hospitality career and expand your current skills.  Whether you want to take the next step in your career or expand your current hospitality skills, this course can help you get there!

You will learn about all aspects of managing a hotel and the sections within it. Discover how to organize staff to work efficiently and effectively as a team. Learn about managing areas such as food service, front desk, building & maintenance, servicing rooms, activities and staff. This is a very solid and worthwhile course for anyone in the hotel industry.

Duration: 100 hours

More info & enrolment: HOTEL MANAGEMENT BTR202 »

Gain an understanding of the elements of our diet and the nutrients required by our bodies

  • Learn about human nutrition - the sources and interactions of nutrition in our dietThis course provides an understanding of the sources, actions, and interactions of nutrients from the food that we consume. 
  • Looking at the balance of the nutrients in foods and what makes up a balanced diet. 
  • An excellent course for anyone interested in nutrition and health for themselves or to help or counsel others.
  • A stand alone program or combine with Human Nutrition II & III to round out your nutrition knowledge.




More info & enrolment: HUMAN NUTRITION 1 BRE102 »
Study the importance of good nutrition, but also the importance of good planning in your diet - when and how you eat

This course teaches you how to develop a well balanced diet. Topics covered include how cooking and food processing affect nutrition, recommended nutrient intakes, assessing nutritional needs, planning a balanced diet, timing of meals, needs for special people/groups.








More info & enrolment: HUMAN NUTRITION II BRE202 »

You are What You Eat!

This course deals with the management of foods to optimize health. Learn about eating and nutritional disorders including food toxicity and sensitivity, dental problems, fibre and bowel diseases, different ways to eat, detoxification and more.

Most health issues are caused by more than one factor; and understanding nutritional disorders can often be a key component to overcoming health issues.




More info & enrolment: HUMAN NUTRITION III BRE302 »

Supplement your skills with this specialist course in Human Nutrition

The Proficiency Award in Human Nutrition is awarded on successful completion of the following modules, including passing assignments and examinations.  It comprises:

  • Understand nutrition - a course for anyone working in the food, nutrition or health industriesHuman Nutrition I, II, & III.
  • An approved workplace project or work experience equal to 200 hours duration.

A comprehensive course for anyone working in the food, nutrition or health industries.

  • Advance your knowledge and your skills - improve your proficiency and move your career forward.

More info & enrolment: PROFICIENCY AWARD IN NUTRITION VRE504 »


This is awarded on completion of:
  • The units Hotel Management, Food and Beverage Management & Ecotour Management
  • A workplace project or work experience (approved by a tutor from the school, and equal to 200 hours)
Nominal Duration: 500 hours

Learn more about tourism.

Tourism has become a major recreation pursuit, and commercial industry world wide. It is so significant today that some regions (even some countries) economies, are more heavily dependent upon tourism than anything else.
The tourism industry encompasses the provision of all those services used by people when travelling away from home. The reason for travel is most obviously "a holiday"; but may also be "business".



More info & enrolment: TOURISM 1 BTR103 »




Increase your knowledge of special interest tourism

This course aims to develop your ability to manage different types of travel products, with a particular focus on special interest tourism. Builds an understanding of opportunities in such things as business tourism, festival tourism, cultural tourism, environmental tourism, senior tourism, food and wine tourism and much more.

Travel to natural attractions has a very long history, and has probably occurred since humans first developed a sense of aesthetics, may even earlier. Travel to these destinations was often arduous, and required determination, courage, a level of fitness, and sufficient wealth to allow the traveler to purchase food, labour, accommodation, transport and other materials for long periods. Today’s traveler, on the other hand, can reach most destinations easily and quickly, and services and facilities are usually readily available at the site or nearby, and he or she need not be fit or wealthy.

With travel to natural sites easier than ever, and travel more generally affordable, the main concern in developing and maintaining natural sites is manage tourism in order to avoid damage to very attraction that draws people there. This issue is discussed further in the lesson on environmental tourism, but it is a significant issue for all kinds of tourism that attracts travelers to places where they can enjoy the sights, smells, sounds and delights of nature.

Student Comment (M. Soares, Angola):
"This has given me insights into world wide tourism, and it helps me to understand how we can develop our tourism without too much damage"

More info & enrolment: TOURISM II - BTR204 Special Interest Tourism »

Wedding Planning takes a special person to ensure that everything is arranged.

A wedding planner must be skilled in a whole range of different areas. Most of all, they should have the ability to organise, communicate and keep people on track within a time frame while all along,  maintaining a positive mood.

This course will help you refine your organisational skills and understand the kinds of things you will need to do, to arrange a memorable, successful wedding!

More info & enrolment: WEDDING PLANNING BTR104 »