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Ginkgo (The Maidenhair Tree)

Gingko: The Brain Restorer
Gingko is also known as Maidenhair Tree, Temple Tree and Gingko biloba.  This is a very ancient plant that is found in fossils over 200 million years old.

The Gingko tree is found world wide in temperate climates. The name Gingko originates most probably from Japan and means “Silver Apricot”.  Biloba means two leaves, which represents the leaves, which are “split” into two.

The hardy Gingko is cultivated for its attractive autumn foliage and timber.  However, most people know the Gingko only for its health benefits to our brain. The plant part with the medicinal properties is the leaf. Contrary to other herbal leaf remedies, the Gingko leaves have to be processed and concentrated for best results.
Gingko is considered a safe remedy and is known to be helpful in increasing the circulation of the brain.  In Germany, it is the most prescribed medicine against Alzheimer’s disease (Encyclopedia of Natural Healing).  This “Happyherb” is used against all varieties of dementia and depression. Gingko might be the answer for people who experience memory problems or a lack of attentiveness. Gingko can be beneficial for people with Alzheimer’s to maintain a normal lifestyle for a prolonged period of time, or in the case of advanced Alzheimer’s, to enhance alertness and lift the mood.

Gingko’s ability to promote brain function comes from its ability to strengthen the capillaries to increase the blood flow to the brain.

Not only for the ill, Gingko seems to increase brain function for the alert person as well.  Memory tests show that Gingko improves the memory considerably.

As a potent antioxidant, Gingko protects the brain, blood vessels, heart, and the protective cover of the nerves from the negative effect of free radicals.

Gingko improves vision and hearing and is used against asthma, allergies, inflammation, migraine, impotency, painful legs, badly healing ulcers and more.

If you have enough space in your backyard, plant a Gingko tree. It gives you useful shade in summer and lets the sun through in winter.  Maybe one day you might find that your memory needs a boost –  remember that you have the tree in your garden and use it to remember more …..

Disclaimer: Herbs should be used with caution if you are subject to any out of the ordinary condition, such as an illness or pregnancy.  Be particularly cautious about taking unfamiliar herbs internally without advice from a qualified professional.
from Harald W. Tietze Publishing Pty. Ltd.
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Harald is a german herbalist and agricultural scientist. His books are widely available and published in many languages around the world.

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