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Practical Photography Studies Online

ACS Distance Education offers a wide range of Photography Courses to study and help you learn the skills you need.

The courses range from digital to lighting, from landscape to portraiture photography. All these courses are offered through distance learning study with ACS Distance Education. More than just studying the theoretical aspects of the course, these are unique opportunities to learn though practical tasks and research skills.

So, how can there be a practical side to a distance learning course? Our courses are designed to offer you flexible learning. Yes, you read through lesson materials and answer assignment questions and act upon the feedback that your tutor provides you, but our courses are more unique than this. Within our courses, you are encouraged to use all possible research resources and to carry out more practical work and research. Rather than reading the theory, memorizing it regurgitating it in an assignment and later forgetting it, we design the practical and research tasks that will help you cement the essentials in your mind. You can get to know the industry that you want to work in, network with other people in the industry and go out and get your hands dirty (so to speak), you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the industry. With this type of study, your learning is really enhanced and it will help you place your learning into practice.

Here are some examples of what you may learn or the practical tasks you may complete: 

Our Wedding Photography course requires you to photograph a willing volunteer and try and capture the most photogenic angles of the person, whilst working with different angles, light positions and compositions. This really prepares you for real life practice of as a wedding photographer. 

Our Introduction to Photography course encourages researching outside the computer by asking to visit photographic exhibitions or displays to identify and observe photographs which have been manipulated in some way. This really gets your photography eyes to begin to look in depth at photographs and look at what work was put into the photograph prior to the final image.  

The Photographic Lighting course encourages you to photograph a still life object using different styles of flash lighting. Another task asks you to take a series of indoor shots under a variety of different lighting conditions. These tasks really enhance your learning to see how light really affects your photographs.  

Some of these practical tasks may seem a little out of the “normal” distance learning comfort zone, however it is all completed to your own ability and your localities availability of required locations/establishments. Completing each and every aspect of our courses will deliver you the highest and most enhanced learning possible. 

Some of our courses, for example Travel Photography and Landscape Photography, include a portfolio project as the final lesson. This involves building a portfolio of your own photographs relating to the course of study. This is not as daunting as it sounds, and is all completed with our expert tutors on hand to support you.

If you have any questions on any of our courses, or need helping in deciding which course may best suit your needs, please get in touch with our tutors today by using our FREE COURSE COUNSELLING SERVICE.

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