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HR Advice

Managing people is a key task for any organisation. When employees or contractors work more effectively, the overall productivity of a business or organisation improves. Risks diminish and the viability and sustainability of the whole enterprise is better.

The human resources manager has a key responsibility for ensuring the human component of the operation is functioning at it's very best. The scope of an HR job can vary from one organisation to another, but it may involve any of the following, and perhaps more:

  • Recruitment and Selection - methods include the use of structured and semi-structured interviews, psychometric testing and assessment (careers choices inventories, aptitude tests, intelligence tests, and personality tests), matching appropriate personnel to jobs to fulfil potential.

  • Training and Development - designing and implementing training and development programmes for individuals, teams or the organisation itself. Identifying gaps in employee skills and designing training packages to meet those needs.

  • Talent and Leadership Management - Identify and develop top talent, succession planning, introduce programmes to retain top performers, provide advice to leaders.

  • Employee Wellbeing and Workplace Design - assessing the workplace environment and equipment and recommending changes to improve usability, performance and optimise employee wellbeing.

  • Performance Appraisal and Incentives - developing suitable incentive programmes for employees to help them and the business to achieve goals, and to devise performance management systems.

  • Career Progression - to assist with career development through coaching, development and career planning.

  • Change Management - designing and implementing change management initiatives to help employees and managers deal with changes to organisations e.g. downsizing or changing buildings.

  • Employee Relations - dealing with employee conflicts and resolving disputes between employees or with management, counselling employees, conducting employee surveys and workplace research to predict good or productive workplace behaviours.

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