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Be Your Future Self

Future Self - What is it?

Future self is a term that is bandied about. What does it actually mean? It is what you will be in the future. What colour will your hair be? What will your appearance be like? What will you be doing with your life?

When you think about your future self, we also need to think about the now. If I decide that my future self is going to write travel books about my adventures in life, then I need to make sure that in the now, I actually visit places that I want to write about.

If I want to be a head gardener of a stately home in the future, I need to make sure I am training in horticulture and gaining relevant experience.

The future self we envisage will not necessarily be our future self if we do not start planning and doing something about it now.

Sometimes we can spend all of our time planning, but never actually doing.

Have you ever dreamed of setting up your own business? Sat there writing notes? Making up spreadsheets? Drawing up business plans? Carrying out research?

Then a year down the line, you have done absolutely nothing about it?

I am sure there are many people who are the same. But do you want to be many people? Do you want to be a planner or an achiever?

Do you want to be the future self you see for yourself?

What future self are you also thinking about? Do you think what you will be doing in one year, five years, ten years, twenty years or more?

Sometimes we can get stuck in the present and not really think ahead to what we want to do and what we want to be.

But why not make a decision. Why not say, today is the day I am going to start becoming my future self? Think of yourself as a caterpillar and the only way you will become the butterfly is to start now.

The Steps to your Future Self

Step 1

Decide what future self you are planning for. In a year’s time would you like to be doing a management course to get promoted? In five year’s time would you like to be working as a Life Coach? In ten years time, would you like to be nearly finished on your new novel? 

So, the first step is to decide which future self you are planning towards –

The future self of one year, two year, five years, ten years and so on.

Step 2

Decide what you want your future self to be. A novelist? A manager? A life coach? A food coach? A volunteer? A counsellor? Still in the same job, but promoted? Still in the same job but spending your free time doing photography? Joining a dance group? Taking up exercise classes? Only you can decide what YOU want your future self to be.

So step 2 is to think about what future self you are planning towards.

Step 3

The easiest step to say, but the hardest step to do - Getting started on becoming your future self.

It is hard to think about what you want to be and how you are going to get there, but if you never plan and think, you will probably never get there. 

So decide who and what you want to be and get started.

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