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Why Study Statistics?

What is statistics?

Statistics is an area of science and mathematics that deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation and organisation of various forms of data.  Statistics covers a wide area of uses, ranging from the very simple such as pattern finding within data, to highly complex, including weather forecasting, predicting disease outbreaks, genetics, quality testing, insurance and forecasting of the stock market.

Statistics are split into two main branches.

Descriptive Statistics. These help us to describe, show or summarise data in a meaningful way, such as through graphs, in order to try and establish patterns with the data.  These however do not allow us to make any conclusions beyond the data that has been analysed.

Inferential Statistics. These help us to use data from samples in order to make or infer meaningful data and conclusions about larger populations that the sample represents.

Using a combination of both descriptive and inferential statistics can ultimately allow us to make powerful decisions based upon real data and can allow us to predict things that can and will happen in the real world.

Statistics in the real world

Statistics can be applied to almost any profession.  If you work in the fields of Horticulture, Agriculture, Farming, Business, Management, Counselling, Wildlife, Sociology and many others, statistics can help you.  You may be curious about how data analysis and interpretation can provide insights into your current situation and profession.  So why should you study statistics?

  1. Statistics will enable you to conduct any form of research effectively.  Without the use of statistics, it would be very difficult to make meaningful decisions based on data.
  2. Understanding statistics will enable you to know what data you need to collect before starting a project.  This can save you time and money.
  3. Statistics will further develop your critical and analytic thinking skills.  This will ultimately allow you to be more informed regarding situations.

Below are just some examples of how it can and has been applied to the real world.

  • Statistics for Psychologists. Investigating the effect that different influences such as lack of sleep, have on examination performance.
  • Statistics for Wildlife Managers. Identifying/determining how specific diseases affect certain wildlife groups based on the geographical area and outside influences.
  • Statistics for Sociology. Researching how marital status is influenced by socio-political factors, by analysing results of the census.
  • Statistics in Farming. Analysing crop growth in different soil compositions to determine which provides the greatest yield.
  • Statistics for Business Owners. Determining which brand of a specific item is gives the greatest overall profit based on number of sales of the particular items.
  • Statistics for Business Managers. Analysing employee productivity such as the number of tasks completed or number of items produced and analysing to determine which ways productivity can be improved. 

As can be seen, as long as there is able to be some data generated, statistics can be applied.  By studying a course in statistics, you will be able to determine how and which statistical method is best suited to the problem that requires investigating.

How can ACS help me?

The Statistics course offered by ACS Distance Education is a dedicated course in statistics covering a range of topic areas to give a good understanding of various areas and will allow your newly gained knowledge to be used wherever you require it.  It also provides a firm foundation for further studies within statistics.

The course is delivered through distance learning, allowing your studies to be carried out around your everyday life.

The course details can be found at the link below. If you have any questions, please do get in touch with our expert tutors - use our FREE COURSE COUNSELLING SERVICE.

Statistics - 100 hour foundation course.

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