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What is Personal Energy Management?

Simply stated, personal energy is the amount of stamina, vigour, or "juice" you have to complete a given task or engage in a particular activity. It is useful to think in terms of three types of personal energy: physical, intellectual, and emotional.

Examples of the three types of personal energy

Have you ever climbed a mountain or a large hill? At the time, depending upon such factors as your speed and the steepness of the terrain, you likely consumed a substantial amount of physical energy. On the other hand, working day after day on new, complex, and highly-demanding tasks could decrease intellectual energy. Discussing an unproductive and very negatively-oriented worker's job performance with him could lower your emotional energy level.

High intellectual energy supply improves your ability to concentrate, to think quickly and objectively, and to accurately size up situations. Low intellectual energy tends to impair concentration, to lengthen response time, and to retard judgement. High emotional energy contributes to patience, and to acting in an objective manner when dealing with people. Low emotional energy leads to impulsive and counterproductive interaction with other persons.

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