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Managing Stress

Stress may be a modern phenomenon; or perhaps we are simply more aware of it today.

Either way, it is known to be a significant contributor to people's well-being - or lack of well-being.

Stress is both psychological and physical. When we feel psychologically stressed our physical body is affected. When we become physically stressed our psychological well-being is affected.

Managing stress properly is one of the most important ways you can prevent (or at least minimize the risk of) illness.

Stress strikes when least expected, but with proper self-awareness and management techniques it can be controlled.

Stress can be managed by living a balanced life

Recognise your physical and emotional needs, and ensure they are taken care of. If you do this well you will be doing a favour to not only yourself but also the people who are closest to you.

Everyone needs:

  • A proper diet.
  • Time to rest.
  • Adequate exercise.
  • Healthy and caring relationships.
  • A sense of purpose.

No one needs abuse from:

  • Bad environments.
  • Bad foods.
  • Drugs (legal or illegal).
  • Unhealthy relationships.

There are many things that cause stress which simply cannot be avoided, but we are perfectly capable of living with some stress.

Stress should not be eliminated - only excessive stress should be eliminated.

Excess stress will start a cascade affect - weakening your body both physically and emotionally.

A Stress Management Response Program

This is a simple way to respond to stressors effectively:

  • Understand the Stressors. Clarify and pinpoint just what is causing the stress, accept that some (causes of stress) can't be changed.
  • Change your Perception. Alter your thoughts, values, and expectations. Raise your confidence.
  • Improve your Physical Response. Work at lowering your physical response by improving exercise, rest, sleep, meditation, eating habits, etc.
  • Improve your Emotional Response. Work at not dwelling on negative feelings and to develop new friendships.
  • Improve your Behavioural Reaction. Learn new skills, develop personal and interpersonal skills. Improve your education (take up a course!). Work on better time management.


Learn More about Stress - to help yourself or others

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