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Training For A New Job Or Career

New job?  New career?

Peter Capaldi has announced he is stepping down as the lead character in the BBC TV series Doctor Who after four years.  In the past, people would say in a job for a long time, but in the modern world, things are changing.  The norm is to change job every few years. In fact, people who stay in the same job for a long time can be viewed as stale and unwilling to change.  The life insurance firm, LV, has said that in the UK people change jobs on average every five years. In the USA, it is every four years.  

If you stay too long you might be considered staid and inflexible, but if you change jobs too often, you might be considered flighty. It is hard to know the right time to leave a job. There is no right answer, but sometimes we know that we are ready for a change.

How we change can take a lot of thought and careful consideration.  It can also require training and further personal development.  Some people are lucky. They find the job they want and stick to it. However, they may require further training to continue to work in that field.  Other people may find that they are bored with the job they have, it doesn’t fulfil them or it simply doesn’t fit in with their life.  

If you are ready to get more training or to retrain for a new job or career, why not have a look at some of the exciting opportunities we offer.

All of our courses are studied by distance learning, so you can study while you continue to earn.  

You can study flexibly at a time to suit you, whether that is in the middle of the day or the middle of the night.  Plus with online and eLearning options you also have the freedom to choose where you study.

So if you are looking for a change, why not consider –

Life Coaching
Business Coaching
Freelance Writing
Bed and Breakfast Management
Hotel Management
Bar Service
Writing and Editing

Or - view all of our courses.

If you are not sure which is the course for you, then please get in touch with our specialist tutors using our FREE COURSE COUNSELLING SERVICE.

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