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How to Register as a Tutor

  • A list of Registered Tutors is maintained by ACS Distance Education and Affiliated Distance Education Schools
  • This list is used to find new tutors when they are needed.
  • To get added to this list, read the following:

Conditions of Employment

  • Tutors are expected to follow procedures of the college that employs you, including marking assignments according to marking guidelines, and returning assignments within a stated period of time (For ACS Distance education, assignments must be marked and sent back within 7 days of you receiving them. This period may be different for some affiliates though).
  • Once engaged to mark papers by one institution, you agree to not accept employment from another of the ACS Affiliates (ie. Working for more than one affiliate can create a conflict of interest)
  • All tutors agree to check their email, and any other communication messages (eg. Phone message banks) on a daily basis; and to respond promptly to any institution they work for.


For Your Information

· Minimum requirements for a tutor may vary between institutions. ACS itself requires 3 years of full time study plus 5 years of industry experience. Some affiliates may not require this; but all will expect a good knowledge of the subject you are marking.

· The nature and scope of work can also vary from one institution to the next. Some use tutors primarily for marking papers, but others may use a successful applicant for additional work (eg. Marketing or student support).

· Most tutoring is external (work can be done by you exclusively from home, with a fair degree of flexibility).

· Most affiliates pay a flat rate per assignment for marking. The rate they pay may vary; and the requirements (and time required) for marking an average assignment can vary from one institution to another.

· The number of assignments which you might get to mark generally depends upon the level of enrolments, and the number of assignments received to be marked each week. This quantity may be relatively small at first, but with many affiliates experiencing a significant growth rate over the last year, there may be potential for growth in the quantity of work over time.

· If you complete and submit this form it will be posted for all affiliates to see within a week of receipt. Following that, you may be contacted at any time; from a week, to a year or two later.

· There is no obligation for you to accept any offer of work made to you.

· If you choose to be proactive and approach any particular affiliate direct, you are welcome to do so. There is however an advantage in filling out this form. Affiliates know that anyone invited to fill in this form has already been considered by staff at ACS, and determined as having appropriate qualifications to be a tutor.


(With ACS Distance Education and Affiliates)

Register here

If you are happy to be approached by any of these colleges if and when a tutoring position becomes available, please fill complete this form and email it to .

Completed forms will be made available to affiliate colleges to view and act upon as the need for new tutors arises.

Answer ALL questions below in spaces provided



Country (where you live)

Postal Address

E Mail Address


List all formal Qualifications you have completed (eg. Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates)

What is your Current job?

How many years have you been in work which is relevant to areas you might tutor?


Place a cross (X) beside any of the subject areas below for which you are able to mark assignments :




Agriculture (General)




Animal Husbandry


Environmental Management/Science










Human Nutrition


Leisure Management


Human Biology






Medical Terminology




Horticultural/Agricultural Engineering (Basic)






General I.T.




Computer Servicing


















Research Skills


Dot Net Programming

















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