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Play is Important

Play Leadership

Creative play opportunities are critical for the healthy development of a child. Children learn social skills, practice modelling behaviours, solve problems, learn how to share, adapt to different roles, as well as many more essential skills when learning through play. 

Younger children learn motor skills through play. The ability to distinguish between soft and hard, sharp and blunt, and even hot and cold; all develop through play. Children who experience fire for instance, gain a healthy appreciation of fire, but children who do not experience fire, are more likely to mishandle fire when they get older.

Older children develop social skills (the ability to interact) through play. Children who are prevented from playing with other children are at risk of having a reduced capacity to relate to other people later in life.

Play is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in child development.

Develop your knowledge

Improve your understanding of childhood play by studying with ACS. We have a wide selection of courses with a focus of child and adolescent development. Our courses include a 100 hours Play Leadership course, or, alternatively, why not look at our eBooks which include The Environment of Play. Links to relevant courses and eBooks can be found lower down this page. Our courses and eBooks are useful for professional training, personal development, or for reference.

The Play Leadership course is a structured 100 hour course comprising 11 lessons. Students will learn about the different psychological and sociological theories which have been developed in respect of child development; the course then examines the necessary skills required to carry out a play leadership role before looking at different types of play. Students will consider the appropriate requirements for a child's safety in play situation, whilst also developing their knowledge and ability to evaluate play apparatus. The course is completed with a Special Project which will enable the student to apply their knowledge from the course in a hypothetical situation.

The lessons in the course are:

  1. Understanding Play
  2. Leadership Skills
  3. Play Programs
  4. Child Development through Play
  5. Play Safety
  6. Physical Play
  7. Social Play
  8. Adventure Play
  9. Play Apparatus
  10. Activities
  11. Special Project (Problem Based Learning Project).

All of our courses and eBooks are extensively researched and written by highly knowledgeable tutors. eBooks are available for preview and purchase from our Bookshop, whilst our courses can be enrolled on at any time.

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