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Duration (approx) 2100 hours
Qualification Diploma


This is a Course for the 21st century.

  • Build a broad range of skills across several disciplines.
  • Develop your ability to communicate, solve problems and work in many different industries.
  • Use the Diploma In Multidisciplinary Studies as your foundation for a professional career that will be full of variety and change that reflects the ever changing opportunities of tomorrow's world.

Research in Germany (and elsewhere) indicates that people who have broader based further education tend to develop more successful careers. This course provides a unique opportunity to study an unconventional combination of practical disciplines in order to provide a very broad capacity to adapt and apply yourself in a wide variety of industry roles. 

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Train to Work at a High Level in any Industry

  • Develop your skills and abilities by studying a combination of Core modules in business management and industry, followed by your choice of Elective modules specialising in areas of disciplines that you choose.
  • This is your opportunity to study a unique qualification that reflects your aspirations, tailored to the areas where you choose to develop your career.
  • Duration: 2100 hours


This course requires you to complete a small number of core modules in order to provide a foundation in management and industry.


These core modules are:

Plus Industry / conference seminars - 50 hrs each from 2 different industries.This may involve attending conferences, trade shows, seminars, committee meetings or any other activities considered to be a serious networking and learning opportunity.


A further 14 modules must be selected from at least 3 and no more than 4 of the following disciplines; and a minimum of two modules from each discipline you choose.

Elective modules chosen must be approved by a tutor.


When you think about it; in today's world, this type of course makes perfect sense. Consider:

  • Most people who do diplomas or degrees, end up working in industries other than the one they trained for? e.g. Research has shown only 10% of science graduates from a university, might end up working in science.
  • Most people change jobs every few years, and end up working in more than one industry over the course of their lifetime.
  • People are geographically mobile. They move to other countries to work; or do business on the international stage.
  • The world is changing very fast. We can't predict what jobs will be available in the future. It is difficult to prepare for opportunities that cannot be predicted. 

It makes more sense to study a wider range of subjects and be prepared to work in a wider variety of industries.  This course is, like no other, designed for just that purpose.


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Meet some of our academics

Dr Robert Browne (Environmental)Robert has an outstanding international reputation in Conservation, Environmental Management and Animal Science, having extensive experience across Europe, Australia, North America and central America. He has decades of experience working across subjects ranging from biodiversity and Wetland Ecology to Reptile Ecology and Animal Breeding. Zoologist, Environmental. He holds a B.Sc.(Hons) from the University of Tasmania and a Ph.D. from the University of Newcastle. In recent years he has worked with Ghent University in the Netherlands, Antwerp University in Belgium, Perth Zoo in Australia and on a major sustainability project in Belize. Robert is a widely published research scientist and a referee for more than a dozen internationally renowned scientific journals. Robert brings a very comprehensive a unique experience to the school and provides our students an opportunity to learn from one of the worlds leading environmental and wildlife scientists.
John MasonWriter, Manager, Teacher and Businessman with over 40 years interenational experience covering Education, Publishing, Leisure Management, Education, and Horticulture. He has extensive experience both as a public servant, and as a small business owner. John is a well respected member of many professional associations, and author of over seventy books and of over two thousand magazine articles.
Christine ToddUniversity lecturer, businesswoman, photographer, consultant and sustainability expert; with over 40 years industry experience B.A., M.Plan.Prac., M.A.(Social). An expert in planning, with years of practical experience in permaculture.
Bob James B.Sc.,M.Env.Mgt.Horticulturalist, Agriculturalist, Environmental consultant, Businessman and Professional Writer. Over 40 years in industry, Bob has held a wide variety of senior positions in both government and private enterprise. Bob has a Dip. Animal Husb, B.App.Sc., Grad.Dip.Mgt, PDC, M.Enviro.Mgt.

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