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The Focus is on learning with ACS

At ACS, our courses are focussed on helping you learn as opposed to others that focus on assessing you and providing some formal endorsement. At the end of the day, assessment and endorsement means you have met minimum standards, but in doing so, the focus on learning is split between learning and qualifications.

We don't split focus.

Our effort is almost entirely on helping you learn: which means learning is better; and ultimately the person who learns better is more successful than the one who might be endorsed as meeting minimum standards, but has learned less.

It muddies the waters of what is really important if you get bogged down discussing accreditations. When you start doing that your focus on what is really important becomes diminished.

Learn more with ACS.

We offer a wide range of distance learning courses in a wide range of disciplines, including Agriculture, Business and Management, Environmental, Health, Fitness and Recreation, Hospitality, Psychology, Writing and Journalism.

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If you have any questions about our courses, please do get in touch. Use our FREE COURSE COUNSELLING SERVICE. Connect with our tutors - find out more about our courses, and which courses may best suit your own career goals.

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