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Bachelor of Arts

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In the modern world, degrees are often pushed as essential to get a good job. However, so many other factors affect whether a person gets a good job or not -

  • Enthusiasm
  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Knowledge
  • Education

We also have to consider what do we mean by a “good job”? Not everyone wants a high-flying job earning a lot of money. Some people will consider a “good job” as one they enjoy, one that is rewarding, one that makes them feel good about themselves.

Only you know the answer to whether a degree is essential for you to get a “good job”. There are a number of pathways you might take before moving on to a degree. Also, by studying by distance learning, you can study at a time and place that suits you.

Why not consider a 100 hour course to get you started?
Life coaching
Horticulture I
Horticultural Therapy
Animal Husbandry I
Creative Writing
Marketing Foundations
Landscaping I

Or move on to a certificate course?
Certificates – 600-700 hour courses, which include:
Certificate In  Creative Writing
Certificate In Journalism

Advanced Certificate – 700-900 hours, which inlcude:
Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Health And Fitness)
Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Photography)

Associate Diploma – 1500 hours, which include:
Associate Diploma In Wildlife Management
Associate Diploma In Media

Diploma – 2100 hours, which inlcude:
Diploma In Multidisciplinary Studies
Diploma In Animal Management
Diploma In Publishing And Journalism

Advanced Diploma – 2650 hours, which include:
Advanced Diploma In Environmental Studies

Then, if you are interested in a degree, please visit our affiliates, Warnborough College.

If you are looking for other subject areas, view our full range of courses by subject category or use our search tool.

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