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Agricultural Studies – pathways to learning:
choose from a wide range of courses written and taught by our specialist tutors.

Courses range from 100 hour Introductory courses to 2650 hour Advanced Diplomas. (Agriculture Degree courses are available via our affiliate, Warnborough College).

At ACS, we have been offering high quality, cutting edge education for almost 40 years.

Choose from courses which include:

100 hour introductory courses, which include:
Agronomy II
Animal Husbandry I (Animal Anatomy and Physiology)
Calf Rearing

Proficiency Awards – 500 hour courses, which include:
Proficiency Award In Agriculture
Proficiency Award in Irrigation Management with Specialism in Agriculture

Certificates – 600-700 hour courses
, which include:
Certificate In Animal Husbandry
Certificate In Fish Care And Culture

Advanced Certificate – 700-900 hours, which inlcude:
Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Horses)

Associate Diploma – 1500 hours, which include:
Associate Diploma In Agricultural Crop Production
Associate Diploma In Farm Management

Diploma – 2100 hours, which inlcude:
Diploma In Agriculture
Diploma In Animal Management

Advanced Diploma – 2650 hours
, which include:
Advanced Diploma In Agriculture – Alternative Agriculture
Advanced Diploma In Agriculture – Animal Husbandry

If you are looking for other subject areas, such as Equine, or Aquaculture, use our search tool or view the full range of Agriculture Courses that we offer.
Study at home – start at any time – study online or by eLearning – receive full tutor support for the full duration of your studies – all with ACS.

Choose the right course to suit your goals or career plans – connect with one of our specialist Agriculture tutors – use our FREE COURSE COUNSELLING SERVICE.

If you are interested in an agricultural degree, then please visit our affiliates, Warnborough College.

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