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The Vicious Circle of Learning for Lower Paid Staff – Help Staff to reach their potential

The new Social Mobility Commission in the UK says that adults who are poorer and with lower qualifications are less likely to access training, even though they may be the ones who need it most. The Commission warns of a virtuous and vicious cycle of learning.

The Commission’s Research found that training is more often provided to people who are already skilled and/or highly paid.  The report suggests that the government provides more flexibility on how skills funding is spent and a better understanding of the disparities in training investment.

The Commission argues that this is wasting the potential of some employees, but not offering them training and progression.  Alastair Da Costa, a member of the Commission states “A lack of ongoing training for low paid workers is a contributing factor for millions to a lifetime of poorly-paid work.”

The Commission found that -

  • 25% of adults had job related training in the last three months (the research was carried out in 2017).
  • There is evidence of a decrease in the people taking training since the 2000's.
  • People in lower socio-economic groups are less likely to take part in training than people from more advantaged backgrounds.
  • Around half of people from lower socio-economic groups hadn't had any training or learning since leaving school.
  • High paid, higher skilled professionals were twice as likely to have had some form of training in the last year compared to lower skilled occupations.
  • £44 billion was spend on adult training in 2013/2014. 82% from employers, 7% from the government and 11% from individuals.

This report shows how people from lower socio-economic backgrounds can fall into a vicious circle where a lack of training leads to low promotional prospects and so it continues.

It is important for employers to train lower paid and lower skilled staff as a way to increase their potential land also benefit organisations.

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