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Online Courses - Open University and College Level Courses for distance learning or online learning

Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies for people of all ages, across a diverse range of countries and cultures.

These web pages are devoted to gardening as a hobby; providing you with free information and links to other web sites and resources for hobby gardeners.

Courses offered include:

Landscaping Home Gardens
Home Garden Expert
Home Fruit Growing
Home Vegetable Growing
Permaculture Systems
Advanced Permaculture
Organic Plant Culture
Self Sufficiency I
Self Sufficiency II
Alternative Energy
Mud Brick Construction
Healthy Buildings I
Healthy Buildings II

Horticulture I
Horticulture II
Horticulture III
Horticultural Resource Management (Hort Management)
Horticultural Marketing
Practical Horticulture I
Practical Horticulture II
Trees For Rehabilitation
Soil Management (Hort)
Plant Pathology
Plant Protection
Weed Control
Garden Maintenance
Irrigation (Gardens)
Irrigation Management (Horticulture)
Certificate in Horticulture (002) Core
Foundation Certificate In Plant Growth For Horticulture Level 2
Foundation Certificate In Residential Garden Planning And Care Level 2
Foundation Certificate In Garden Planning And Development Level 3
Foundation Certificate In Plant Growth For Horticulture Level 3
Managing Notable Gardens (Garden Mgt)
Garden History
Horticulture Research I
Horticulture Research II
Amenity Horticulture I
Amenity Horticulture II
Operational Bus Mgt I
Operational Business Mgt II

Turf Care
Sports Turf Management
Turf Repair and Renovation
Arboriculture I
Arboriculture II

Landscaping I
Landscaping II
Landscape Styles (Landscaping 3)
Natural Garden Design
Water Gardening
Landscape Construction
Cottage Garden Design
Playground Design
Plant Establishment & Selection
Certificate in Garden Design
Planning Layout & Construction of Ornamental Gardens
Restoring Established Ornamental Gardens

Nursery Growers Course
Home Propagation
Propagation I
Cutting Propagation
Wholesale Nursery Management
Garden Centre Management
Tissue Culture
Plant Breeding
Nursery Hands Course
Nursery Sales Assistant
Seed Propagation
Home Hydroponics
Hydroponics I
Hydroponic Management (Hydroponics II)
Certificate in Hydroponics

Cut Flower Production
Cut Flower Bulbs

Greenhouse Cut Flowers
Cut Flower Orchids
Crops I (Outdoor Plant Production)
Commercial Vegetable Production
Soil Management Crops
Irrigation Crops
Protected Plant Production.
Mushroom Production
Fruit Production –Temperate
Fruit Production –Warm
Nut Production

Warm Climate Nuts
Viticulture – BHT220
Viticulture – Cert002 Stream
Berry Production
Herb Culture
Medicinal Herbs
Culinary Herbs
Scented Plants
Certificate in Herbs
African Violets
Azaleas & Rhododendrons
Growing Annuals
Carnivorous Plants
Cacti & Succulents
Growing Camellias
Growing Carnations
Deciduous Trees

Growing Iris
Geraniums & Pelargoniums
Interior Plants
Orchid Culture
Palms & Cycads
Tropical Plants
Australian Natives I
Australian Natives II
Australian Native Trees
Australian Native Ferns
Growing Grevilleas
Bush Tucker