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Our staff have over the years written a large range of book and ebooks, many of which are are available through our school's online book store.
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This site is a great resource for links to other sites, to a whole range of free advice and information, and links to over 300 different distance education courses.

ACS provides distance education, video training, and on line studies to students worldwide (in over 50 countries. These include both short hobby courses and formal certificates, advanced certificates, associate diplomas, diplomas and advanced diplomas.

Distance Education courses are offered in Hobby Photography, Photographic Technology, Photographic Practice, Digital Photography, Portrait Photography, travel Photography, Landscape Photography and more. Certificates and diplomas, internationally recognised and accredited through IARC.

ACS courses provide unique education at a higher academic standard than many vocational courses, but more relevant to the real world than what many university courses often provide.