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Want an Education that Sets You Apart?

ACS Distance Education has been offering high quality, cutting edge education for almost 40 years.

  • We converted all our courses to a computer data base in 1981, when most colleges were still using typewriters.
  • We started online education in the early 90's when most colleges and universities were just starting to think about it
  • While other colleges focus increasingly on compliance and accreditation; we have focused on "better learning", "better service", and "increasing relevance" to the real world.
  • Our course materials are all written (and frequently updated) by our team of more than 30 academics spread around the world. We have over 25 million words (not to mention illustration) in our course notes and a large range of ebooks, purpose written by our staff and published by the school, to support study programs we have developed. While other colleges are often troubled by unreliable supply of text books, ACS has moved beyond that problem. Study with us is not going to be disrupted by unavailability of a text!
Our graduates succeed!

If you like the sound of to us; learn more about our unique school and let us help you plan your future.

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ACS provides distance education, video training, and on line studies to students worldwide (in over 50 countries). These include both short hobby courses and formal certificates, advanced certificates, associate diplomas, diplomas and advanced diplomas.

ACS courses provide unique education at a higher academic standard than many vocational courses, but more relevant to the real world than what many university courses often provide.