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Distance Learning Courses to study online or by eLearning.

ACS offer different ways to learn through Distance Education: 


All students are provided with a 'learning package' which includes:

  • Course notes.
  • Self-assessment quizzes.
  • Assignment feedback.
  • You can interact one to one with a professional tutor with decades of experience via email, phone, or chat options.
  • Depending upon your course, your studies may involve independent research, interviews, practical exercises, assessments, Problem Based Learning Projects, and more.


Students have the choice of choosing between online and eLearning (USB memory stick) options.

Online Learning

The advantages with the ACS online training system are:

  • Start your course anywhere, anytime.
  • Full support and guidance from qualified tutors.
  • Enjoyable and interesting interactive tests and tutorials.
  • Courses in a variety of subjects and levels.
  • Course notes downloadable so you can work on them while offline.
  • All courses developed by ACS - world leaders in distance education.
eLearning (USB memory stick)

A USB memory stick offers additional flexibility for those who may find it easier or more convenient to undertake a lot of study offline.

All the course materials are contained in the memory stick. To start your course, you need to begin working on the course materials. On the main menu list you will find the ‘Course Materials’ button.  When you click on this button, 3 more buttons will be displayed:

  • Lessons.
  • Self assessment tests.
  • Assignments.

Click on ‘Lessons’ to begin your study.


Every PBL project is carefully designed by experts to expose you to the information and skills that we want you to learn.  When assigned a project, you are given:

  • A statement of the problem (e.g. diseased animal; failing business; anorexia case study).
  • Questions to consider when solving the problem.
  • A framework for the time and effort you should spend on the project.
  • Support from the school.

The problems that you will solve in your course will relate to what you are learning.  They are problems that you might encounter when working in that field, adapted to your level of study.


We offer an extensive range of short courses and certificates, diplomas and other qualifications in many different disciplines. Look under the Our Courses tab at the top of this page, or use the search tool to the far right of this to look at our courses.

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